Antoinette Davis Pimped Her 5 Year Old Daughter For Sex

Antoinette Davis

Antoinette Davis was convicted of one of the most disgusting crimes of 2009. Davis, then 25 years old, had several of her children in her care and found herself homeless and desperate. Davis went to a man, Mario McNeil and borrowed 200 dollars in order to rent a hotel room and buy food for her children. Evidence suggests the 200 dollars was for drugs, but that has been largely dismissed. A few months later Davis was able to obtain a trailer to live in and McNeil showed up and demanded his money be paid back. Davis did not have the money, so McNeil told her she needed to have sex with him to pay off the debt. Davis refused that offer. She did, however, allow McNeil to take her 5-year-old daughter Shaniya away for sex instead.

When Shaniya was not returned, her mother informed the police of the child’s “kidnapping”. During the course of the investigation that followed Shaniya’s body was found six days later in a spot where local hunters leave deer bodies to rot. Her corpse showed evidence of having been raped. She died from being suffocated. The police interrogated Davis for four days until she finally broke down and admitted to allowing her daughter to be taken for sexual purposes.

At her trial, Davis put in an Alford plea to the charges of second-degree murder, kidnapping, prostitution, sexual assault, child abuse, pedophilia, and other related charges. An Alford plea gives the defendant the right to maintain their innocence while still pleading guilty to charges. Davis was allowed to do this as part of a deal to remove some charges off her while still allowing the district attorney to get a guilty plea. Davis ended up being handed a sentence of 210 to 261 months in prison. She was also placed on the sex offender’s list.

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McNeil was tried and convicted of kidnapping, rape, and murder. He was sentenced to death. He was defiant at his trial and could be seen smirking and laughing throughout.

Christine Walters
Christine Walters was a college student at UW-Stevens Point out of Wisconsin when she decided to take a trip to Portland, Oregon and eventually California during her summer break in 2008. Walters loved the warm California air and dreaded the idea of returning to the stress of school along with the bitter Wisconsin winter. She decided to stay in California and ended up bonding with modern day hippies, soaking up spiritual and Earthy goodness. She made due thanks to her parents sending her money often.

WaltersThis arrangement went well for Walters until she and her friends took a mixture of illegal drugs during a ritual designed to free their minds. Walters tripped out and ended up being found naked and bleeding on a stranger’s doorstep in Eureka, California. She refused to tell the police or doctors what happened to her. When her parents called, obviously concerned, Walters told them that “forest demons” were hunting her down. She sounded paranoid and her parents were alarmed.

Walters had been living with a group of her fellow free spirits, led by a man who was described by others as being paranoid and controlling. Her parents attempted to convince Walters to fly home, but she insisted she’d find her own way back. Then on November 14th of that year, Christine went to a business to pick up some identification papers her mother was faxing her. The employees noted that she was acting paranoid and was obviously trying to hide the papers she received. Walters has never been heard from since. Her backpack and other belongings were found at the Arcata spiritual center. Walters had been known to take long walks in the Arcata forest while leaving her other materials behind at the center. There is a strong belief that Walters met with foul play in those woods but no conclusive evidence exists to help close this case. Several other young girls have been known to have vanished from the same area.

Just under three years ago, I covered the case of the East Area Rapist/”Original” Night Stalker in this article. Starting in 1976, this unknown perp was responsible for 120 or more cases of breaking and entering in California. The crimes eventually evolved into at least 45 incidents of women being tied up and raped. By the end of his criminal run, the unknown assailant began a killing spree that led to 12 murders, before he abruptly stopped in 1986.

Now forty years after his crime wave began, the FBI has stepped up in the past week and assigned new funds towards closing this long cold case. A new website was uploaded with pictures of evidence, recordings of victim’s stories, new composite sketches of the suspect and other information. They have also put up a 50,000-dollar reward for information that will lead to this man being identified. Despite the fact that the madman is believed to be between 60 to 75 years old, law enforcement and true crime buffs across the land would love to see this guy in the hands of the law.

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