Drunken Mother Kills Child in Microwave

China Arnold

China Arnold was 28-years-old when she committed one of the more heinous crimes one can imagine. Having already been arrested in the past for forgery and abduction, Arnold ended up arrested once again when Arnold brought her daughter Paris  into the hospital. A cursory inspection by doctors revealed that the 28-day old infant was deceased. An autopsy was performed where it was determined the child’s inner body parts had been exposed to extreme temperatures. Since there were no signs of burns on the skin of the child, the coroner determined that the baby had been placed in a microwave and “cooked”.  China was taken to trial and the prosecution was hoping for a death sentence. Arnold’s boyfriend attempted to convince the jury that a sitter had been watching Paris when the microwave incident occurred. This statement was enough to convince some of the jury that Arnold was innocent and eventually a mistrial was ruled.


A few months later the prosecuting team was able to bring in the supposed babysitter’s mother and she was able to provide an alibi for the sitter. This news allowed prosecutors to bring Arnold to trial once again. The argument was made that Arnold and her boyfriend got into a fight over Paris’ father and that led to Arnold placing the baby in the microwave while in a drunken rage. This time, the jury found Arnold to be guilty and she was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. She has three other sons who now reside elsewhere.

Margaret Kilcoyne 

In January of 1980 Margaret Kilcoyne felt she was on the verge the biggest moment of her career. Kilcoyne, a cardiologist researching out of Columbia University, was exploring ways to reduce and cure the effects of hypertension. She began to tell her friends that she felt she was going to be in the running for a Nobel Prize for her discoveries. Her colleagues, however, did not find her discovery to be nearly as dramatic as Kilcoyne felt it was. Nonetheless, Kilcoyne went to a store and spent nine hundred dollars on food and liquor.  The food was all purchased in multiples of three. She told the workers at the store of her plans for a press conference to announce her medical news, with a party to follow.

The day after her shopping trip Kilcoyne’s brother came to rouse her for church per her request.  Margaret was gone. The night before had been well below zero, yet he found her jacket hanging in the closet. He also found her boots on the floor, and her vehicle parked in the garage. A search of the area proved fruitless. Oddly, a few days after Kilcoyne’s disappearance her passport, wallet and checkbook were all found stacked in a spot that had already been gone over. No money appeared to be missing. Her family could find no evidence that a press conference had ever been arranged or that a party had been mentioned to anyone outside of the store’s employees. Her family believes that the stress in her life caused her to have a mental breakdown and that she walked into the nearby ocean to commit suicide.

The “Deadly Double” Game 

America in 1941 was in a state of isolation. Europe was slowing falling under the Third Reich and Japan was tearing through territories throughout the Pacific. Many saw entering the war as inevitable, but that time had not yet come. A mere few weeks before the “day that will live in infamy” several ads appeared in the New Yorker magazine. One featured warnings spelled out in several different languages underneath a pair of dice with various numbers and symbols.


The other featured a group of people playing in a bombing raid shelter, it also had the same multi-language warnings, but this one included a logo with a double eagle that looked like it could have fit in with Nazi symbolism.



It was not until after the Pearl Harbor attacks that some astute readers noticed the ominous looking ad had “12” and “7” showing on the dice. This could be viewed as an allusion or warning regarding the 12/7/41 attack on Pearl Harbor. The “Deadly Double” name could be construed to mean Germany and Japan. This was enough to get the FBI and other government agencies involved to investigate if spies had infiltrated America and were sending coded messages through these ads.

The truth that was revealed proved to be mundane. A gaming company in Chicago proved to be the creators of the game, and numbers matching up to a real attack was just a matter of coincidence.

Pearl Harbor Ghosts 

A scene of mass death like that of Pearl Harbor seems like a perfect place for lingering spirits to latch themselves to. With that in mind, tourists visiting the U.S.S. Arizona’s wreckage have captured a pair of compelling images over the years. Firstly is a face in the water that was taken by a woman in 2011:


Another couple in 2007 captured a picture of a slick of oil that was belched from the Arizona’s wreckage that seemed to perhaps spell out “Mommy”:


The skeptical among us can argue that these images are just cases of pareidolia, where our brain turns randomness into sensible images. If your a believer in the supernatural, then these provide a twinge of excitement as the sense of wonderment briefly overtakes you and you are left questioning if an imprint from the past is showing through to us today.

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