Edward Bell’s Brutal Murder of Larry Dickens

Edward Bell


Edward Bell, born in 1939, had a sickness. Bell felt a lust for young girls and he took to unlawful measures to sate those desires. By his own admission, Bell spent from 1966 until 1978 as a roaming pervert. While employed as a traveling salesman, Bell took advantage of his frequent ventures and stalked the streets of Texas and Louisiana towns looking for girls. When he spotted a number of them in a group, he would remove his pants, leave his vehicle and walk up to the girls while masturbating. The girls were rarely more than 16 and as low as eleven years old.

This behavior caused Bell to be picked up by law enforcement several times, but he often managed to talk his way out of situations. He was prosecuted on several occasions, and ended up ordered into mental health centers three different times in an effort to cure him of his desires. Bell was often able to stay ahead of the law by changing his vehicles out.

On August 24th of 1978, Bell was once again prowling for girls when he spotted some in a Pasadena, Texas neighborhood. Bell removed his pants, left his GMC pickup and began masturbating. A woman, Dorothy Ladd, saw this occurring and asked her 26-year-old son Larry Dickens to stall the man while she called the police. Larry was an ex-marine and was not afraid of confronting the somewhat unimposing Bell. Dickens ended up taking Bell’s keys, which caused Bell to produce a pistol. He proceeded to shoot Larry four times in the chest. Dickens somehow managed to stumble into his garage and fell into his mother. Bell followed and demanded the keys again. Larry produced the keys, Bell then held the pistol to Larry’s head and shot him, while he was still in his mother’s grip. She raced inside to call an ambulance.

Dickens was somehow still not wounded enough to give up the fight. As Bell walked back to his truck, Larry rose from the ground, bleeding from five bullet wounds and began to walk after him. He collapsed before long and lay on the driveway. Bell then produced a rifle from his truck, and walked over to Dickens and shot him square in the face.

Larry’s sister happened to return home from cheerleading practice at this very moment and realized that a man had just shot her brother. She attempted to block his escape but Bell drove away. The police had the truck’s description and happened to pass Bell as they were heading to the crime scene. He was arrested less than twenty minutes after fleeing.

Larry’s family identified Bell and he was jailed with a $125,000 bond. He was able to post bail after liquidating his assets. Bell then made a run for it, living in Mexico and Central America, always on the move. He ended up changing his name, getting married and working odd jobs to get by. In the 80’s Texas declared him their number one fugitive.

Bell’s story ended up being a part of a 1992 broadcast of NBC’s Unsolved Mysteries and multiple viewers immediately identified Bell’s location to authorities. He was arrested, tried and sentenced to 70 years in prison. He was able to avoid a harsher sentence, such as the death penalty, because he was not charged with capital murder. In fact, thanks to Texas laws that were not changed until 1996, Bell will be automatically released in 2023 when he turns 83 years old, if he lives that long. Bell will be then subjected to mandatory supervision until he passes on.

Bell has made news from his prison cell by trying to claim that he was brainwashed into becoming a flasher, a rapist and a killer. Bell has gone so far as to claim that he killed eleven girls prior to his run in with Dickens. His stories seem to have at least some truth to them, as he was able to successfully describe off the path locations where bodies of girls had been discovered in the past.

As far as the murder of Larry Dickens goes, Bell claims it was all a big accident. His version of events is that Dickens was physically attacking him, so he got a gun for protection. Bell was then struck while holding the gun and had to somehow protect himself. He then explained away the rifle assault by saying that he tripped as he was walking and the gun went off.

Dorothy died in 2012. Bell remains behind bars as of this writing. He was last denied parole in 2013.

Jamie Reynolds 
The parents of Jamie Reynolds of Wellington, England knew their son was troubled. When he was eighteen years old, Reynolds had tried to strangle a girl who came over to their home. The police became involved and even though it was known Reynolds was into extreme pornography, was drawing images of nooses over girls that he desired and that he had tortured some animals in the past, Reynolds was let off with just a warning. He was sent to psychiatrists, who Reynolds opened up to about his experimentation with auto-erotic asphyxiation and his twisted sexual fetishes.

Five years later, Reynolds offered a friend, Georgia Williams, the chance to take part in an “artistic” photo shoot, where Reynolds would pose her as she stood on a box. He told her he would then edit out the box and make it appear she was floating on air. Jamie did indeed take some images of a smiling Williams posing as intended, but then the situation turned serious as Reynolds produced a noose and used it to hang Williams. The camera caught picture after picture of Reynolds posing with the dying Williams, then stripping her of her clothes and doing as he pleased with her body.

Williams was reported missing two days later, and it only took the investigators a day to arrest Reynolds as a person of interest. Williams body was found a few days later and a murder charge was placed on Reynolds. He wound up being found guilty and ordered to serve a “whole life” sentence, meaning he will not be capable of seeking parole. The images he took were never released to the public.

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