The Strange Final Hours of Shannan Gilbert

Shannan Gilbert 


In the latter part of 2010 the Long Island Serial Killer found himself facing scrutiny across many forms of media. This unknown creeper had been declared responsible for between ten to seventeen murders. The victims have been primarily prostitutes who were found deceased in remote beach towns in Nassau, New York. One woman whose remains were found in the same area was Shannan Gilbert, but there seems to be a strong belief by authorities that her death was not caused by the serial perp.

Gilbert was working as an escort in May of 2010 when she frantically ran away from a “john” while working at his home. Michael Pak, who served as both her driver and her pimp, tried to rein her in, but Gilbert was acting erratic and was uncontrollable. She ended up running down a nearby road before racing into a patch of dense brush. While running away from the scene, Gilbert actually called 911 and was telling the operator about how her life was in danger as someone was trying to kill her.

At that point Gilbert vanished. She resurfaced several hours later, pounding on the front door of the elderly Gus Colletti at five in the morning. Colletti spoke to Gilbert and tried to calm her down. She was breathing fast as she just kept repeating “Help me”. Colletti told her that he was going to contact the police. Once he said that, Gilbert appeared scared at that prospect and she ran off into the morning light.

Her body was found lying in marsh nearby several months later. The police ruled it accidental, saying that Gilbert tripped and hurt herself, then died of exposure. Whatever triggered Gilbert’s fear was never established.

Luther McCarty

On May 24th, 1913 Luther McCarty earned his name in the boxing history books in dubious fashion. McCarty was a young boxer fighting out of Nebraska, a 6’4 powerhouse who was being touted as another possible “Great White Hope” prospect. The 21-year-old had yet to taste defeat when he traveled to Calgary, Alberta, Canada to face off with Arthur Pelkey. McCarty’s wife expressed concerned for her husband as he had been fighting at a frantic pace during this era free of concussion testing and commission suspensions. McCarty protested that the upcoming fight was for a church charity and it was his duty to do his part to help out.

The “arena” in Calgary was nothing more than a glorified barn. The sky outside was filled with dark clouds as far as the eye could see. The inside of the barn was lit only by whatever light managed to come through the windows on the ceiling. Nonetheless 6,000 fans came to see the fights. When McCarty and Pelkey’s turn came, the fight was over almost as soon as it began, with the underdog Pelkey scoring a combo of blows to McCarty’s chin and chest that sent his head snapping backward and buckled his knees. McCarty fell, his body partially dangling outside of the ropes.

As the referee stepped in to administer a count, a streak of sunlight came down from the sky and illuminated McCarty’s body, which was frozen in place. As soon as the ref finished his count, the light vanished. The next eight minutes were chaotic as several people rushed to revive the fallen pugilist. With no signs of life after that, McCarty was declared dead at ringside, with nary a bruise or cut on him.

A ringside photographer captured the eerie moment that the light fell upon the motionless body of McCarty during the end of the fight. That image became known as the “Ten Seconds of Light”.


I am not convinced anything paranormal or miraculous is connected with the light, but the story and picture helped weave a story that left me with a tinge of wonderment. As a final addendum, the barn where the fight went down ended up being burnt to the ground the day following McCarty’s death. An unknown arsonist is suspected as having started the blaze.

Ruth Price 

The case of Ruth Price is one with a bit of controversy. The issue being that no one seems to be able to prove that Price was a real person or if the whole thing is just a big hoax. Price was reportedly an elderly woman who was living alone in the late 80’s. Price appeared to be under the impression that someone was stalking her as she made several calls to the police about hearing things outside her home. Police were never able to verify that anyone was actually prowling. This led to the audio below, which is purportedly Price’s final frantic call to 911 seeking aid. While on the line, it appears we hear Price being attacked and perhaps murdered.

911 operators have claimed online that this audio is used in training as an example of what not to do if you receive a call. This is due tio the fact the operator cuts Ruth off as she tries to declare her address. The audio itself seems to have leaked online as early as 2002. It’s veracity remains unknown.

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