Man Kills Girlfriend During Coitus

Fidel Lopez 
Fidel Lopex

In September of 2015, Fidel Lopez and his girlfriend Maria Nemeth capped off a night of drinking and romance with an act of sexual congress. The pair were rather intoxicated and the love making session ended up taking place inside of a bedroom closet. Amidst the passion, the stimulation and the pelvic thrusting, Maria called out the name of her ex-husband. This sent Lopez into a rage and the couple began to fight. Lopez slammed his fists into the walls of their apartment, leaving holes and cracks in his wake.

Over the course of the next two hours Lopez drove Nemeth into a state of unconsciousness, then proceeded to find objects around their home such as a hair iron, an empty beer bottle and other items and jabbed them into his lover’s vagina. He finally took his own fists and drove them into Maria’s privates so deeply that he ended up pulling out pieces of her intestines.

Lopez then stopped long enough to calm himself down and have a cigarette. At that point he decided to call an ambulance for his unconscious girlfriend. His 911 call was frantic and hard to decipher as his Cuban roots came through in his voice as he warned the operator “She’s not breathing, She’s gonna die”.

The EMTs declared Maria dead shortly after arriving. The police sought answers from Lopez. His initial story was that Maria had requested the couple engage in rough sex as a capper to their evening. Nemeth told Lopez what to place inside of her and enjoyed the experience. Once they finished, Maria went off to the bathroom, threw up and started having troubles breathing. It was at this point that Lopez called for the ambulance in order to aid his live-in lover.

The police were skeptical of this story, since blood splatter was found in various places in the apartment- along with the holes in the wall and a door that was off it’s hinges. After Lopez was pressed further, he admitted that he had made up the first story. Lopez went on to tell the authorities the actual events, adding that he tried to revive Maria with water after he had gone off to clean his own blood soaked hands off first

Lopez was placed under arrest and charged with first-degree murder. The trial appears to be moving along at a snail’s pace, as there has apparently been no movement in the case since last October when Lopez placed a “not guilty” plea in court. Perhaps I’ll have more on this case if and when a jury trial ever comes to pass.

Romell Broom
An interesting legal question was brought up this summer in the courts of Ohio. If law enforcement officials tried and failed to perform an execution should the inmate be exempt from further attempts at his life based upon laws that protect us from cruel and unusual punishments?

Romell Broom is the inmate at the forefront of this debate. It was back in September of 2009 when Ohio prison officials attempted to execute Broom. After two hours and eighteen needle jabs, the execution was halted. A good vein could not be established to use for injecting the poison. While this was going on Broom was in quite a bit of pain as he endured many needle pricks in his arm and ankle.

Broom had been tried and convicted of two counts of kidnapping, raping an adult and a child, attempted kidnapping, murdering a teenager, and several counts of robbery.

Ohio’s Supreme Court heard arguments from Broom and his attorneys in March. The State’s court rejected his appeal at the end of the hearing. Broom and his lawyers are now aiming for the United States Supreme Court to hear their case. I’ll offer an update in a future article if something is decided.

Major Henry Rathbone

Henry Rathbone, part of the victorious Union Army of the United States Civil War, was given the honor of attending a play with President Abe Lincoln after others such as Ulysses S. Grant  could not make the date. Little did Rathbone know that he’d become an eyewitness to history that night as John Wilkes Booth assassinated Lincoln only a few feet from where Rathbone sat. The Major attempted to scuffle with Boothe, but suffered a deep gash on his arm from Boothe’s dagger. Despite the injury Rathbone managed to force Boothe to hurry as he attempted to leap from the President’s box and Boothe suffered a broken leg upon landing on the stage as a result. This injury hindered Boothe’s escape plans and aided in the Union efforts to hunt him down.

The mortally wounded Lincoln was taken across the street as he was deemed too injured to survive a trip back to the White House. Rathborn ignored his own wounds and saw to it that Mary Lincoln was escorted to her husband’s side. Rathborn’s fiancé, Clara Harris, held him as he flirted with unconsciousness from the sheer amount of blood he had lost. The doctors on hand all focused on Lincoln’s wounds until he was stabilized. When they finally got to Rathborn, they were shocked at how severe his injury was as he suffered a severed artery and was sliced nearly to the bone.

After Lincoln died the following morning Rathborn was besieged with guilt. Over the next few months he dealt with migraines, stomach pains and deep depression stemming from the incident. Rathborn was forced to leave the army and focus on his own well-being.

Things did not improve much, and on Christmas day in 1883 Rathborn took a revolver and murdered Claire, who was now his wife. He then tried to stab himself to death but failed to do so, despite impaling his chest five times. He was sent to an insane asylum until his death in 1911. Forty-one years later, it was determined that Rathborn and Claire’s graves were not being visited and it was decided to disinter them and dispose of the bodies in order to make room for others of the departed nature.

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