Man Wrongfully Executed for Crimes of Serial Killer Next Door

Tim Evans 
The public loves when justice proves to be swift and evildoers are punished for their misdeeds. However, sometimes the law can be in too much of a rush to pass judgment and a miscarriage of justice is the result. The following case would certainly fall into that category.

Tim Evans and his wife Beryl lived with their daughter Geraldine in an apartment in London during the late 1940’s. The couple would occasionally squabble and their neighbors couldn’t help but gossip about the events that unfolded within earshot of them. Then one day Beryl and Geraldine turned up dead. Tim was considered the prime suspect and his neighbors told police of the loud arguments that could be heard coming from the Evan’s place from time to time. The investigators then figured out that Beryl had been pregnant. This set the police off on a working theory that Tim knew he couldn’t afford another mouth to feed so he attempted to abort the baby himself- only to accidentally kill his wife in the process.

Evans plead innocence and insisted that the man who lived below them, John Christie, was twisted and capable of killing others. The pleas fell on deaf ears and Evans soon found himself on trial. He would be found guilty and put to death. Three years later, London police raided the apartment complex the Evans’ had lived at. This time, the target was John Christie. He was no longer residing there, but the police suspected he had left criminal evidence behind.

The investigators found the corpses of three women hidden in Christie’s former kitchen. Christie’s wife lay buried below the floorboards in another room. Two other bodies were also found.   Christie had used the corpses for sexual purposes. One body had been hacked to pieces and turned into furniture. Christie was arrested, and he willingly admitted to the murders, minus Geraldine, who he insisted he had not touched. Christie was ultimately hung for his crimes.

During the mid-60’s Britain used Evan’s case among others to bring about a change in the country’s capital punishment system. It was revealed that Evans had been forced by the police to sign a falsified confession. Evans was posthumously granted a pardon. Britain chose to abolish the death penalty at the end of the inquiry.

Frank Jones
Frank Jones, his wife Sadie, and their children made their home in Blackpool, England. It was within the sanctity of their own dwellings where the Jones’ experienced some incredible happenings during the middle 90’s. According to the claims made by the family, an unseen force would turn on their water taps, covers were pulled off of the children while they slept, doors slammed themselves, among other events. The Jones’ referred to the invisible force as “The Thing”. With his family terrified, Frank called in exorcists from the Fleetwood Spiritualistic Church, who twice blessed the house. At that point the “Thing” seemed to move on to parts unknown.

The Jones’ were able to enjoy five years of peace after the house was cleansed, unfortunately things went south from there. First off, Frank’s son Steven passed away, and then three months later his wife passed on from a heart attack. This unexpectedly prompted a new supernatural happening to enter Frank’s life. It seemed to stem from Frank’s decision to bury his wife with her beloved cell phone. Shortly after his wife’s funeral, Frank received a missed call on his cell phone. The phone never rang but the phone display told him the call came from the landline at his house. No one was home at the time. Once he got back to his house Frank noticed the scent of his wife’s cigarettes permeating the air. Over the next few weeks other family members admitted that they too had received strange messages from blank phone numbers that seemed to be written in the same manner and style as Mrs. Jones would have used. No explanation has ever provided a truly satisfactory answer to the happenings.

Theresa Bier

Theresa Bier was only 16-years-old when her parents consented to her going on a camping trip with Russell Welch, who was approaching his mid-40’s. They had told others that their plan was to head into the woods to attempt to locate the elusive cryptid Bigfoot. Welch ended up returning home alone. This of course immediately aroused the suspicion of authorities. Welch told them Bier had run away from him and vanished into the woods. After further pressure was applied, Welch changed up his story and claimed that a Bigfoot creature had in fact grabbed Bier and ran off with her.

The police were not impressed with this tale and threatened to charge Welch with kidnapping and possibly even push for a murder trial. Ultimately, the prosecution decided that without a body a guilty verdict would be hard to achieve. They instead dropped all charges out of fear of falling into a situation where Welch may be able to skirt the law thanks to the rules of “double jeopardy” which only allow you to be tried for a crime once. Bier has never been seen since that fateful trip and Welch remains a free man.

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