The Reincarnated Egyptian Priestess

Dorothy Eady
ESP and reincarnation can be considered subjects on the scientific fringe of the supernatural, however some cases are just too compelling to ignore. One such case is that of Dorothy Eady. Eady was just a mere toddler when she fell while trying to run down a stairway at her parent’s home outside of London. The damage done from the fall was severe enough that emergency personnel who responded at the scene declared Dorothy to be deceased. Eady miraculously woke up and made a full recovery over the ensuing weeks. Four years passed by and Dorothy never seemed to show any long-term effects from her ordeal.

One day the Eady family was visiting a museum when the Egyptian history section suddenly transfixed Dorothy. She could not stop studying the artifacts and her parents failed to coax her away from a mummified body that was encased in glass. She even was seen going up to the statues and kissing their feet.

Whatever came over Dorothy that day did not subside once the Eady’s returned home. Dorothy became far calmer and melancholy, spending a lot of her free time staring at pictures of ancient Egypt and lamenting to her family that the land of the pyramids was her true home and she must return there in order to be happy. One day, while paging through a book, Dorothy saw an image of the “Temple of Seti” and became incredibly enthused. She ran to her father and insisted to him that this place was her former home. She had had dreams of a place similar to this and now felt that she found the source of her “memories”. Dorothy ended up taking special classes in reincarnation and spiritualism in order to help herself understand what she was experiencing.

As Dorothy entered adulthood, she took her love of Egypt to a new level of obsession by actually moving to Cairo. There she married a local man and they had a child together they named “Seti”. Dorothy had her own name changed to “Omm Sety”. During this time, Dorothy reported that she witnessed an apparition appearing to her from days long gone. This apparition spoke to Dorothy and explained to her how she fit into Egyptian history as a Priestess. During these sessions, Eady would enter a trance and begin “spirit writing” in hieroglyphics. This behavior so unnerved her husband that the marriage ended up falling apart. He ended up taking a teaching job in Iraq and they separated.

All the writing while in an altered state ended up formulating the story of Dorothy’s life in ancient Egypt. She was able to list a number of locations, as well as names of people who she indicated lived around her in their mutual shared past in the Middle East. She wrote about her children, and even about her own death. It turns out she committed suicide to avoid being punished for having premarital sex.

Eady became well liked within the local community and was respected and accepted enough by those studying the great pyramids that she was often allowed to spend her nights at the Sphinx and the pyramids. She was even employed through a group who were researching the great structures of the area. She became known for being able to charm snakes, as well as for using ancient medical methods to cure impotency in local men. Despite being devoted to the same gods that the ancients believed in, she won mass appeal by also practicing aspects of the local Muslim and Christian religions. Dorothy also believed in the healing power of blessed water. She is said to have cured the locals and herself of maladies including arthritis, appendicitis, breathing problems and vision issues with water from blessed places.

By this point, you’re probably thinking that Dorothy’s stories were all made up by a woman trapped in a delusional world of her own making. However, there is one fascinating element that gives Dorothy’s stories credence: She was able to successfully take a team of archaeologists to the exact spot the Temple Gardens were located. She also took them to a tunnel on the side of the Temple that no one had ever previously even knew existed.

Dorothy lived her life out in Egypt up until her death in 1981. No one has ever been able to properly explain the depth of her knowledge of ancient Egypt.

Young Gun 
Violence on the streets of America is reaching a point where a city like Chicago can have dozens of shootings in a single weekend and yet not create much strife in the national psyche. It takes a truly graphic or unusual happening to capture the headlines of the 24-hours a day news cycle. In an era of Sandy Hook and other school violence, we as a nation can only weep for the tragedies as we watch our elected officials go in endless circles over root causes and solutions to the problem.

The issues at hand are not just centralized in big cities, as this case from Michigan will prove: Dedrick Owens was merely six-years-old in 2000 when he stole a knife and .32 caliber handgun from his uncle. He brought both to school later that day as he was walking with over twenty other students and teachers up a flight of stairs in between classes Owens turned to his classmate Kayla Rolland and said “I don’t like you” and he then he shot her. Owens’ tossed the gun in the trash and went to hide in a bathroom. The bullet ripped into Rolland’s arm and tore open a vital artery. She was aided by EMTs but died soon after at a local hospital.

Due to being so young, Owens was not charged as it was determined he was unable to comprehend the full nature of his actions. His uncle was charged with involuntary manslaughter and spent a year and a half in jail. Owens is the youngest person to ever commit a school shooting.

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