Tyler Hadley Kills Parents Just to Throw Drinking Party

Tyler Hadley 
Tyler Hadley was like a lot of seventeen-year-olds, full of rebellion and with a chip on his shoulder thinking that the world owed him something. In the summer of 2007 Hadley wanted to throw a party. His parents had some hard-line rules set and told him no. Hadley worked around this obstruction by taking a claw hammer and bludgeoning his mom and dad to death. He then took their bodies into their bedroom and cleaned up the bloody mess he caused.

At that point Hadley invited his friends over. One thing led to another and soon five-dozen kids were in the house having a blast. Hadley was enjoying life so much that he told some party-goers that he might have another shindig the following evening. Eventually Hadley came to his friend Michael Mandell and admitted he killed his folks. He even took Mandell to see the bodies as proof. Mandell was horrified but played it cool, even taking a selfie with his best friend Hadley, knowing that it would be the last picture the two would ever take together.


Once Mandell went home, he called the authorities and told them everything. Hadley was arrested soon after and ultimately was handed two life sentences without any chance at parole for his act of patricide.

Kristi Krebs 
Kristi Krebs was just 22 years old in August of 1993 when she vanished. Krebs had just finished up her job at a Fort Bragg, California pizza joint and was heading home. Her vehicle was found trapped in mud on a desolate woodland road. Krebs’ work clothes were found to be wet to the touch, yet they were folded up neatly in the back seat. It is believed she changed into her gym clothes. There was blood in the car, along with photos and registration papers that were ripped up. Her car radio was also removed. The area was searched but Kristi was nowhere to be found.


Oddly,a little more than three years earlier Krebs had found herself in almost the exact same sort of situation. That time she got her car stuck in the mud and the engine ended up catching on fire. She went missing that time too, only to be found in a daze the following day while she walked down some railroad tracks. She ended up in the hospital for several months recovering from an apparent mental breakdown. The two incidents occurred only seven miles apart from one another.

Krebs was reported to have been seen by two separate people who claimed to have picked her up while she hitchhiked. One of these people saw her all the way in Utah, which seems a bit unlikely, however the person described elements of Krebs’ clothing that was not public knowledge, giving credence to the sighting. As of this writing Krebs remains missing.

Dorothy Miller 
Burlington, Iowa is the kind of Midwestern place that people feel safe living in. That was held especially true in 1969 when this next story took place. Dorothy Miller, forty-eight, was working as Burlington’s lone female real estate agent at the time. Miller was street-wise enough to not show off houses at night without someone with her. So when a man called in mid-August and requested an evening home viewing, Miller brought her husband Fred with her. The man introduced himself as “Robert Clark”. Clark told the couple of his family back in Des Moines and the two parties left after the house was walked through.

The next day Clark called Miller and requested another viewing so he could take pictures of the home’s interior. This time Miller went alone. She picked up Clark by his vehicle and they drove to the house together. People in the adjourning houses around the place saw the pair enter the house. It would not be until the next morning when his alarm went off at 5 A.M. that Fred realized his wife had not come home. The police were called and they went to the house that Miller had been showing. Inside the investigators found Dorothy lying dead in a closet. She had been beaten with a brick, bound with a nylon rope, raped, and then stabbed almost two dozen times.

“Robert Clark” became a very wanted man after that discovery but the police failed to find any sort of paper trail for him, indicating Clark was using a false name. It is believed that Miller had been targeted for attack due to her being a female real estate agent and an easy target given the dynamics of her job. Despite police visiting a plethora of nearby homes and interviewing around two hundred people, Clark was never found. Authorities believe he may have been a serial predator due to the violent nature and efficiency of his crime. Here is a sketch of the suspect:


One of the men on the case offered this summary of Clark for the local paper: “The enormity of the crime is matched only by the cunning of the killer. He is obviously a very sick man. But also a very methodical, clever, persistent one. He left virtually no clues. But he did leave enough so that he will be found; but only by work as clever and methodical and painstaking — time consuming — as his own.”

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