Unsolved Mysteries and Scary Stuff: Bizarre Tales of the Missing and Murdered Vol. 12

Barbara Mackle
Twenty-year old Barbara Mackle was one of many students stricken by the Hong Kong Flu at Emory University in the winter of 1968. Her mother came to care for her and planned on bringing Barb back to the family’s home in Coral Gables, Florida. The women were staying at a motel in Decatur, Georgia when a knock sounded at the door. The person behind it claimed to be a police officer and told Barbara that her friend Stewart Woodward had been in a car accident. The ladies trusted the man and allowed him and another person inside their room.  The “officers” then chloroformed and tied up Barb’s mother. They then pointed a gun at Barb and kidnapped her. The phony cops were criminals Gary Krist and Ruth Eisemann-Schier and they took Mackle to a remote wooded area and forced her into a shallow grave. The pair had prepared a wood box – reinforced with fiberglass – to keep their victim in. The box contained an air pump, lamp, water that had been laced with sedatives, food and two plastic pipes that gave Mackle air from outside the coffin.

Eisemann-Schier and Krist knew that Barb’s father Robert was a wealthy land developer and thus they demanded a half-million dollar ransom for the return of his daughter. Robert quickly agreed to pay and a drop point was laid out. Unfortunately, a police car drove by at a inopportune time and spooked the kidnappers into leaving by foot without getting the money. The FBI found the pair’s car which provided them with the kidnappers identities which were on documents inside the vehicle. A picture was also found which showed Mackle in the coffin holding a sign that said “kidnapped”.

kidnapped girl

Another ransom drop was successfully attempted and Krist called the FBI and gave them the general location of where Mackle was. A team of over one-hundred agents were called in to sweep the area and they were able to successfully save the dehydrated but otherwise healthy victim. She had been underground for over three days.

Krist spent some of the ransom money on a speedboat, which he happened to be riding on when the FBI caught up with him in Florida. His accomplice was arrested over two months later. Ruth had became the first woman ever to be named to the FBI’s ten most wanted list. Krist received life in prison but was paroled after ten years. He ended up going to medical school and becoming a doctor. He was disbarred in 2003 after he was caught lying about a disciplinary action he received during his residency. He would later be charged with cocaine possession and spent another four years in jail. After being freed again, he ended up violating his parole and was sent back to prison for another three-plus years.  Eisemann-Schier received seven years in prison but was paroled after four years and deported to Honduras, her homeland.

Matthew Chase
Matthew Chase was only twenty-two years old when he ran afoul of the dark side of humanity. Chase decided on the night of June 8th, 1988 to drive to a bank near his apartment in order to deposit his pay check. The bank was only two blocks away, so when Chase failed to come home his roommates Teresa and Steve began to worry. They called his bank and pretended to be Matt in an effort to see if he had used his bank card the night before. The bank confirmed he had tried several times to extract money.  Armed with this knowledge, his roommates called the police.

The authorities were able to determine that Chase had deposited his paycheck, then came back to the same ATM thirty minutes later and attempted to withdraw $280 dollars, which he would have known was over the amount of money he could receive in one day. Later that same night, two more attempts were made to extract first $200 dollars, then $100 dollars but both were denied due to a lack of funds. A tad over ten minutes later the card was tried at a different bank and again failed to go through. This bank had hidden cameras and the images taken of Chase showed a man hovering over his right shoulder.


The authorities believe the man abducted Chase while he was depositing his check and Matthew responded by trying to signal help by overdrawing his account and perhaps alerting the bank that something was amiss. The police eventually had a composite drawn of the man in an effort to help bring closure to the case:

Matthew Chase

Over the next day and a half five more attempts were made to remove money from Chase’s account. When Chase’s check cleared, four-hundred dollars was withdrawn. The card was finally confiscated by the ATM. The investigators dusted it for prints unsuccessfully. Chase’s parents came from Oregon to search for their missing son and his roommates distributed his picture. These efforts led to a local church claiming they had seen and fed Matthew several times recently. That lead has since been determined to probably be a case of an incorrect identification.

Chase’s car was found soon after but again netted nothing in the way of prints. A blue bandanna was found in the backseat which did not belong to Chase or his roommates.  Many online researchers now believe that the bandanna belonged to a member of a local Mexican gang known as the “Playboys” who were known to adorn such clothing. The belief is that a gang member played a role in Chase’s disappearance. The search for Chase ended three months after he vanished when his body was found in a Pasadena ravine with a gunshot wound that ended his life. No arrests were ever made in his murder.

Brian Chandler
The Surrey police department received a number of strange calls on December 11th, 2012. Multiple people called in to report a ghostly image on road A3. Ten years earlier, on that exact same day, several eyewitnesses reported seeing a car losing control and crashing into a ditch. When the police investigated, the car they found was buried in bushes and trees with human remains laying next to it that were determined to have been there for at least five months.

The body was eventually identified as 21-year-old Brian Chandler who had been on the run for a robbery he committed that past July. The police refused to believe a ghost had recreated his own accident five months later, much less a full decade after the fact – but what the people had actually seen those nights could not be determined.

This case bares similarities to an incident that took place in California in 1994. According to witnesses a naked woman was seen on the side of the road in the night time. When the police investigated, they found nothing that night but when they returned during the daytime the car of Christine Scoobish was located in the brush. It had been out of the view of the road and thus went unseen previously. Scoobish was dead, however her three-year-old son survived for the five days that had passed since they crashed. Christine was found fully clothed and buckled in. Her son insisted his mother had never left the car. The strange circumstances led to some people believing Christine’s ghost had appeared by the roadside to draw in aide for her child. The explanation for the naked woman sighted was never properly concluded.

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