Unsolved Mysteries and Scary Stuff: JFK Conspiracy – Anomalies in Autopsy

With the anniversary of JFK’s assassination having just passed us once again, I marked the event by finishing Jesse Ventura’s book on the President’s murder. I was compelled to earmark and annotate nearly a hundred passages and over the next several weeks worth of articles I will present his findings, along with the revelations via a book from researcher Jim Marrs, plus two separate books by Richard Belzer and many websites on the matter.

What we can all agree on

John Fitzgerald Kennedy was taking a politically motivated motorcade ride through the streets of Dallas on Friday, November 22nd 1963. He was joined in his limo by Texas governor John Connally, along with their wives Jackie and Nellie. At 12:30 two shots rang out and both JFK and Connally were struck. The limo driver inexplicably slowed down and JFK endured a head shot before being raced to the Parkland Hospital where doctors tried to save the mortally wounded President. JFK would be declared dead soon after.

Those few sentences are basically the only facts that are widely agreed upon by researchers, politicians and conspiracy junkies. Within seconds of the shots ringing out, people were already at odds about how many were fired off, where the shots came from and who could have pulled this off.

Within the next three days, the man named the assassin would be brought to justice, and he himself executed by a vigilante. Unfortunately a tidy wrap up of the case would never come to pass as many questions were raised. Even before the weekend was over, nationally renowned newsman Walter Cronkite stated on air that witnesses were reporting more than three shots had been fired and that the Presidential limo’s windshield had been pierced from an apparent frontal shot, which went against the prevailing theory that Lee Harvey Oswald had fired three shots from behind JFK while sitting in the 6th floor of a book depository.

 The Warren Commission

An official committee was put together by new President Lyndon Johnson a week after JFK’s murder and they spent nine months compiling a 889 page report that concluded that Lee Harvey Oswald had killed JFK without the aid of conspirators. Oswald’s murderer Jack Ruby was also found to have no connections to any groups or additional help in his crime.

Americans generally believed the findings as truthful when the report first came out but since then public sentiment has swayed heavily toward a conspiracy with some national polls reaching nearly 80% of responders who felt a connivance had felled JFK.  Even the government itself has determined that the Warren Commission’s result was erroneous: In 1978 the House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) came to the conclusion that JFK was killed as part of a larger plot beyond Oswald being a “lone nut”. The HSCA determined that Oswald was one of the assassins but they concluded that at least four shots had been fired at the Presidential limo. They did go on to rule out the CIA, USSR, or the mob as having planned the attack but they were open to believing that individual members within those groups may have gone rogue and participated in the assassination.

So many theories…

The internet allows any kook (myself included) to offer up their own postulations on JFK’s murder and some even go as far to spread their theories in book form, here’s a few of the stranger ones I’ve encountered:


The author attempts to claim that JFK was not the target that day in Dallas but instead it was Governor Connally. Oswald had been honorably discharged from the military but Connally later used his position as secretary to the Navy to change Oswald’s discharge to dishonorable after Oswald had defected to the USSR. The assassination was to be Oswald’s revenge.

Other theories were:

  • that the limo driver delivered the kill shot,
  • a Secret Service man accidentally fired the fatal round into Kennedy while reacting to the first shots,
  • Jackie had him set up for his womanizing,
  • Joe DiMaggio had him killed for executing Marilyn Monroe to keep her quiet about her affairs with JFK and his brother Bobby.

Perhaps the most absurd theory is that Kennedy set himself up to be killed in order to make sure he’d go down in history. JFK was slowly dying from Addison’s disease and chose to go out on his own terms.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Addison%27s_disease

All those theories are poppycock and serve to hurt those who dig for the truth by allowing them to be bunched into the same category as the tinfoil hat wearing quacks.

Over the past 50 years many people have admitted to killing JFK from all sorts of backgrounds. By my count at least 20 men have made the claim and even as late as this past weekend new confessions were still being reported!


So who did it?

The Government?

This theory can trace it’s roots back to Kennedy’s predecessor who warned us about the U.S.’s “military industrial complex” growing too powerful:

JFK and the U.S. security forces of the CIA, FBI and armed forces ran afoul of each other thanks in part to Russia creating paranoia over nuclear war and Castro’s rise to power in Cuba.

In 1961 the National Security council meeting saw the Joint Chiefs of Staff explain to JFK about their plan for a surprise nuclear attack on Russia. In the middle of their meeting JFK just stood up and walked out disgusted with his team. He looked at his Secretary of State and snapped “And we call ourselves the human race” Then on November 20th 1962 the Joint chiefs of staff told JFK they found “first strike capability both feasible and desirable”. This was to be implemented with their “Operation Northwoods” plan (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Northwoods)which was proposing the US run phony terror attacks on itself and blame the communists in order to justify acts of war. Instead of bowing to his military’s desire for more war, on May 6th 1963 JFK issued National security memo number 239 ordering his national security advisers to pursue a nuclear test ban treaty with the USSR and build toward a policy of disarmament for both world superpowers.

Kennedy had managed to keep America out of war  in October of 1962 during the tension of the Cuban missile crisis which saw the USSR placing nuclear weapons on Cuba. Both JFK and Russian leader Khrushchev knew what the real result of a nuclear war would mean for both their own countries and the world at large and worked out a compromise while ignoring their war mongering cabinets.

With the conflict in Vietnam was now also becoming prevalent, and elements of the military industrial complex would need to eliminate the man whose policies of peace were ruining their plans for expansive war.

The Mob?

JFK’s father Joe was a highly successful and influential businessman and politician. After controversial remarks scuttled his own political career in 1940, Joe focused on his sons John, Bobby and Ted’s political careers. Joe used mob connections to ensure a Kennedy dynasty by having the criminal underbelly help swing a tight Presidential race with Richard Nixon into a win for JFK. Once in power, JFK named his brother Robert as Attorney General and they went on the attack against organized crime. The mob saw this as greatly hypocritical since Joe had mob ties and the JFK presidential win could largely be attributed to their tactics. Further complicating things was the fact that Chicago mob boss Sam Giancana and JFK shared Judy Exner as a mistress.

The mob had been “hired” by the CIA to help in covert missions since the early 40’s and this included the plans to eliminate Castro that were ongoing under JFK’s reign. Further upsetting the organized crime groups was the fact that Kennedy was preparing to amend the National Labor Relations Board statues as well as several IRS rules with the intention to remove foreign shipping freighters from enjoying tax exempt status. That move would cost shipping magnates across the globe billions of dollars over time if enacted.  Coincidentally this would include his wife’s future husband Aristole Onassis, who made a bundle through shipping and had organized crime ties.

But it was just that one lone nut…

An abundance of evidence suggests Lee Harvey Oswald was either not the trigger man, or not the lone shooter, depending on what you want to believe. Let’s take a look at some of clues that can attest to that fact:

When JFK was shot, he was rushed to the Parkland hospital. In spite of wounds that were obviously mortal in nature, the staff and Secret Service pried a shattered Jackie Kennedy off her husband and attempted to save his life.    The “lone nut” theory has the shots striking JFK from behind. Eight doctors on the Parkland staff described frontal wounds while on record. A bullet wound in the front of JFK’s throat was even enlarged in order to put in a breathing tube. A massive blowout of head wound was noted by doctors along with FBI agent Frank O’ Neal and Secret Service agent Clint Hill. Hill would later describe how the rear portion of the President’s brain was missing as it was lying in the limo after JFK was whisked into the emergency room. Hill was pressured to change his story at later testimonials.

Dr.Robert McLelland who was in trauma room one working on JFK later drew this sketch of the exit wound in the back of the President’s head:


and at a press conference later one of the doctors used his finger to show the location of the entry wound, using himself as the model:


Further adding credence to the doctors report is the fact that two Dallas policemen on motorcycles located behind Kennedy were splattered with blood and brain matter when the bullets hit

Here’s where things start to really get wild: By Texas state law, JFK’s body was to be autopsied within the state before it could be transferred elsewhere. A scene was created at the hospital between local authorities and the Secret Service, who had already ordered a casket that was to serve as JFK’s transport case. The two agents who were in JFK’s limo with him, Roy Kellerman and Bill Greer drew their weapons or teased doing so and forcefully won the argument.

JFK’s body was transferred to the airport, with Jackie riding next to it. Meanwhile Vice-President Lyndon Johnson was already on Air Force One attempting to find a judge to perform the Presidential swearing in ceremony. Some of his aides want him to fly out fast but he insisted they wait for Jackie Kennedy in order to not be viewed as an uncaring soul.  Jackie is stunned to find Johnson laying in the Presidential bed on the plane and he has to quickly explain a combination of stress, pills and phone conversations had him needing to relax a bit. Some try to convince Jackie to change out of her blood covered clothes but Jackie intends on posing next to LBJ in them to show the assassins what they’d done. Once the swearing in commences, LBJ can’t hide his excitement and an infamous picture catches him apparently sharing a wink with one of his men.


The flight takes off without incident, amid fears that squad of police cars would surround the plane and retake the body.  The next four hours of flight saw Jackie and Kennedy’s aides keep a vigil over the casket as elsewhere LBJ had lunch and prepared for his new role as leader of the free world.

It’s here that we again pick up the conspiracy: According to various accounts at Bethesda Naval Hospital, JFK’s body arrived earlier than the casket that he was supposed to be in.

Radio transmissions confirm that the body of JFK was delivered by helicopter prior to the ambulance that contained JFK’s casket and his widow. An autopsy was already in progress before the casket had even arrived.


It was the findings of this autopsy that created issues with the “official” story. Three doctors at Bethesda, along with a photographer described seeing the same massive head wound as the doctors in Dallas saw. These wounds disappeared somehow by the time the official x-ray and autopsy photos were taken however.

The FBI’s report even notes “surgery” being performed on JFK’s skull prior to the x-rays and autopsy photos being taken. X-ray technician Ed Reed and mortician Tom Robinson later confirmed they saw the surgery being performed.  This would suggest then that the medical personnel at Bethesda were the participants in hiding an exit wound and crafting a body that would best serve the “official” story. Either that or all the doctors, nurses, Secret Service, federal agents and other random witnesses to history are simply wrong.

The back wound JFK suffered is also a point of scrutiny. The death certificate signed by the President’s personal physician Dr. George Burkley sighted the back wound as being lower than what was noted on the later autopsy. The doctor’s wound location can be further verified by comparing the location of the bullet holes in JFK’s suit jacket and shirt.



Also worth noting is that the autopsy placed the weight of JFK’s brain at 1500 grams, higher than the normal human average of 1350 grams. This despite a portion of his brain having been blown away. The final kicker is JFK’s brain went missing a few years after his death:


Basically this ample evidence indicates a frontal shooter was involved in the assassination and Oswald did not deliver that strike.

Part Two: Oswald Conspiracy

Part Three: The Zapruder Film and the Tramps

 Part 2 and 3 cover the plots in several other cities that were designed to kill JFK, Oswald’s connections to the intelligence community, the magic bullet, the inconsistencies in what gun was used, the grassy knoll, the three tramps and more!

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