Unsolved Mysteries and Scary Stuff: Twisted Cult of Louis Lamonica Jr.

Louis Lamonica Jr.


Louis Lamonica Sr. had a well established and successful church congregation in the Hosanna Church located in Ponchatoula, Louisiana. The church could boast of a 1,000 devotees who followed the beloved pastor at it’s peak in the 1980’s. When Lamonica died, his son Louis Jr. took over. With his ascension to the head of the church an erosion of membership followed and by 2003 under twenty people remained.

Even with the church slowly dying, the faithful were not prepared for what horrors were to be discovered behind the veil of holiness. In May 2005, Lamonica was accused by a local woman of targeting her child for unlawful acts. She and the child fled to Ohio for their own safety. The woman claimed Lamonica was leading a number of individuals who were participating in child abuse, animal sacrifices and orgies. A month later Lamonica walked into the police station and willingly confessed to leading his disciples away from God and instead toward Satanism. From 1999 until 2003 Lamonica was the ringleader in rituals involving sex with several dozen children including oral, anal and vaginal intercourse with kids ranging from infants to teens. Several of the participants offered their own children as victims. Lamonica even admitted to having sex with his own sons.  A dog was also sexually assaulted and several cats were sacrificially murdered. The children were also forced to simulate sex acts with one another and on the animals.

In 2008, Lamonica went on trial for the child molestation charges and received four concurrent life sentences.

Evidence of child pornography and child rape came down on several other members of the group and they too received long sentences for their actions.  The church has since been refurbished and put back to it’s intended use as a place of godly worship.

Lily Groesbeck

March 8th of 2015 is a day that several Utah first responders will never forget. On that day they were called by a fisherman alerting them to an apparent accident where a car was driven off a bridge and sat submerged in water. Once they arrived, several of the rescuers jumped into the chilly waters and tried to ascertain the situation. They were able to see a person sitting in the front seat. At that point four of the crew heard a voice saying, “Help me, we’re in here.” The group then managed to turn the car to its side and saw an 18-month old toddler dangling perilously from her car seat. They formed a human chain and managed to pull the little girl from the car and get her unconscious body to shore. They performed CPR and rushed her to a nearby hospital, where she was nursed back to stable condition.

Meanwhile, the driver of the vehicle, 25-year-old Jennifer Groesbeck was pulled from the vehicle, but she appeared to be long dead. Later investigators were able to determine that the accident had occurred 14 hours before help came, and that Groesbeck’s head was underwater for probably that entire duration. Her daughter Lily, strapped in a car seat, was held just above the dangerous water level. The water was cold enough that several first responders suffered from hypothermia from their relatively short time in the water.

An explanation for the voice coming from inside the vehicle has not been adequately explained.

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Chelsea Bruck

Only days before Halloween in 2014, Chelsea Bruck headed with several of her friends to a costume party in the Frenchtown Charter Township in Michigan. The 22-year-old Bruck was decked out in the clothing of Batman villain Poison Ivy and she mingled with the other partygoers, many of whom also bore costumes.

The party was no small affair, as publicity on Facebook and other social media sites lead to over 700 people showing up from multiple states. Eight bands were scheduled to perform, on top of the promises of drinking, dancing and debauchery associated with such events.

At some point during the later stages of the evening Bruck gave her phone to a friend for safekeeping. A while after that Chelsea was seen outside with a dark haired man with glasses. It would be the last time anyone would see her alive. When alerted that Bruck was missing the next day, authorities began to canvas the areas surrounding the party. Hundreds of thousands of “Missing” posters were produced to spread word of the vanished girl. Dogs and searchers on ATVs combed the nearby woods. Every hotel in the area was quizzed on whether a girl matching Bruck’s appearance had stayed there that night. Chelsea did not have a car, so the police had to believe the man seen with her was responsible for her departure. The fact that so many people attended the party, many in costumes, hampered the police efforts to identify the perpetrator.

The following spring the remnants of Bruck’s costume were found at an abandoned construction site. Only a few weeks after locating the costume, Bruck’s remains were found in a wooded lot a few miles away. Due to this case being relatively fresh and ongoing, the police have not offered up the actual cause of death yet. It is believed Bruck was murdered the same night she vanished however.  A sketch of the man seen with Bruck was produced by police. The best bet for breaking open the case will be if one of the party goers sees it and identifies him. I’ll provide an update in a future article if/when one becomes available.

Shane Walker
Shane Walker was barely over a year and a half old when his mother Rosa took him to play in a New York City playground. The hot August son bore down on them on as they sat on a bench together. A pair of children, a girl around 10 years of age and her brother, about 5, came up to Rosa and asked if they could play with her son. She watched as the children played on the slide. At the same time a man sat down next to her and started ranting about crime, kidnapping, and what could be done. He started to show her some scars he received in fights and she took her eyes off her child for a moment. When she looked back, Shane and the children were gone.

Rosa ran around the play area looking for her son. She spotted the two children who had asked to play with him as they wiggled back into the playground through a hole in the wire fence. They both swore they had left Shane in the play area. The police were called and the children were questioned. Red flags arose when it was determined that the same pair of siblings had been the last people seen when another baby, Chris Dansby, vanished from the same playground three months earlier.

The investigators ultimately decided that the cases were probably unrelated. Rumors of a black marker baby circle flew around Harlem, as Walker marked the fourth African-American child to be abducted in the area in the previous two years. The cases have now been cold for almost three decades, so the hopes of finding any of the children are long gone.

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