Whorehouse Madames Jailed for 91 Murders

Human trafficking remains a major issue in the world today. The innocent are preyed upon and exploited and once they are used up and no longer serve their purpose the victims are cast aside in one way or another. Back in the 50’s a pair of sisters, Delfina and Maria de Jesus Gonzalez, undertook in one of the more infamous cases of this crime. The pair was born into an extremely poor family in El Salto de Jaunacatlan, Jalisco. They were raised by a father who ruled with an iron fist and didn’t think twice about abusing his children if they failed to follow the code of conduct he created for them. This included small infractions, all the way down to how his daughters dressed or put on their make up.

Their father was also a member of the militia in the area that took it upon themselves to ride horseback around the sparsely populated district in Mexico where they lived in order to impose the rule of law onto the locals. Over time the Gonzalez’s father became known for abusing his power, which led to him shooting innocent people and generally holding himself above the law. This garnered him a number of people who wanted revenge and soon the girls and the rest of their family had to move from their home in order to avoid any sort of vigilante style justice.

Their new residence was nearly 100 miles away from their past one, but it didn’t improve Delfina or Maria’s lives any and the sought a way to secure freedom away from their father and the cycle of poverty. At first they tried to operate a bar, which gave them some stability – but not enough for their taste. This led to them deciding to create a prostitution ring. They started by using their own bodies as a form of currency, bribing the local police with sex in order to convince them to look the other way as the sisters began using the bar as a brothel. The Gonzalez’s used personal ads to lure in wait staff, promising room and board along with a well paying job, only to turn around and hold the would be employees as sex slaves. Other girls were straight up kidnapped by special mercenaries who were paid to take women to the Gonzalez’s place.   Once these gals entered the brothel, they were held as prisoners, some never even able to go outside. Virgins who were brought in were set-aside for special customers who paid higher rates to deflower the girls. None of the women ever saw a dime for their dreadful duties.

Business boomed and the ring of whorehouses spread to Mexico City and several other areas. The only set back came when biology got in the way and the girls started to become pregnant. This led to forcible back alley style abortions, with the babies being buried on the property. Eventually when the sex slaves grew ill, suffered from an STD or just stopped being willing to perform, they too were murdered and buried on the land surrounding the brothels. The killings were not done in a humane way either, as women were intentionally starved to death by being placed in locked rooms. Others were bludgeoned with logs. Even some customers never found their way out of the whorehouse if they happened to show off too much money. In those cases the men were killed, then robbed and buried.

dead hookers

This cycle continued for nearly a decade, before one of the sex slaves were able to somehow get away in 1964. She rushed to the police station and spilled out the horrors of what was happening in the brothel. Prostitution was legal in Mexico, but all the extreme happenings she described led to an investigation. The Gonzalez’s sister Josefina crumbled under interrogation and admitted all the crimes were in fact true.

A search warrant gave police access to the brothel, and the girls trapped inside quickly and willingly showed the investigators where the bodies were buried in the yard. In all ninety-one human remains were uncovered, eighty of those being women who had “served” for the sisters. One of the men who had been hired to hide the bodies ended up being forced to dig up many of the remains. The sisters watched nearby, draped in black funeral shawls.

Whores accuse

At their trial, the sisters admitted to forcing the women into bestiality and other kinks. The Gonzalez’ also confessed to holding Satanic rituals on the grounds. They were ultimately given long prison sentences. One of the sisters died in 1984 while in prison. The people in charge left her remains fester in the heat for a full day, allowing the rats to eat off her corpse. The other sister was released in the mid-90’s after serving around thirty years. She vanished into the county side soon after. Delfina and Maria’s other sisters also served time. One died in jail from cancer and the other went crazy from the pressure of the situation and had to be placed in special care.

ca. January 1964, León, Mexico --- Sisters Delfina Gonzalez Valenzuela, 52 (top) and Maria De Jesus Gonzalez, 39, (bottom) are shown behind bars at the San Francisco del Rincon jail. The sisters, along with another sister Eva and five other accomplices were indicted on homicide charges January 21, 1964 by a Mexican court in Leon. They were charged in the deaths of 11 persons whose bodies were found in a "white slave" concentration camp at a ranch near Leon, where a total of 17 women and 5 babies remains were found. The sisters owned two brothels and ran a sex slave ring that trafficked in young girls from 14 to 25. An estimated 2,000 girls passed through the ring, lured with promises of jobs as maids for upper class families. The sisters were convicted of first degree murder, slavery and other crimes and sentenced to the maximum penalty of 40 years in prison. --- Image by © Bettmann/Corbis

Movies and books were written in Mexico about this case. The lasting infamy of the Gonzalez sisters continued into the 2000’s when the Guinness book of World Records labeled them the, “most prolific murder partnership” in history.

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