CXF Fantasy Football 2020


Linx's Squad can have LB Devin Bush autodrafted to it.

After Harley's pick, it'll be 20 skipped picks for Flik again and he'll go back onto autodraft.


Just a quick note:

Lightning Round

In a few picks when St Gabe take the final selection of the regular draft, he will kick off the Lightning Round. This is a first come first serve round. I anticipate we'll get to the Lightning Round some time late Saturday/Sunday. I'll leave the lightning round open until about Tuesday midnight. Anyone on autodraft, will just get a player autodrafted at the end. I'll finalize the draft at that point and we'll kick of the Benchwarmer FAAB Frenzy sometime Tuesday.


I think we're going to roll with no divisions this year and just an auto-generated schedule.

With 16 teams it worked pretty well. I was in the process of working on it just now with two 7 team divisions, but I couldn't get it to work the way I wanted. Everyone still would have played each other once, like an auto-generated schedule. I wanted to have it set up so during the mostly non-bye team weeks would be the weeks you played your division members. Then during the bye week heavy weeks would be against the other division. I couldn't get it to work easily with with the divisions being an odd number.

Oh well! Auto-generated it is! No biggie.


Random question:

@Brooklyn Zoo

Have you gotten any pm's/converstations during the draft about being on the clock? Or have you just only had notifications from the @ feature?

I noticed in the quick links that members with a space between the words in their forum name needed a + sign for the space. I didn't have that in there, but it seemed like it was still sending the messages. When I was first making the quick message links, if I had anything wrong it would just result in an error and not even let you get to the message page. So it appeared like it was sending the messages with the way they were.

I'm not sure if this was actually an issue or not. I've got all of them updated now if they had a space to a plus instead.


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I just edited my post to do Will+Scarlet in case he wasn't getting them but I was under the impression they were being sent as normal.