Matches You Didn't Think Existed

The Valeyard

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I get them mixed up. JYD just had no place after the WWF run His USWA run is ugly.

I never liked the Varsity Club gimmick, but Ron would've helped a lot. He and Dr. Death would've helped the tag division immensely.

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I get them mixed up. JYD just had no place after the WWF run His USWA run is ugly.
When looking up his Cagematch, I saw his USWA run and I had either forgotten he had a USWA Title run and didn’t know. Talk about “Title Runs You Didn’t Know Existed”.

And in the same category; the guy who beat him for the USWA Title in the Fall of ‘92? Butch Reed. I had no idea he did anything of any notoriety after Doom but apparently, he wrestled off and on on the indies until 2013!. Go figure!


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JYD went from WWF JTTS right into main eventing against Flair in late 88/early 89. JYD refused to job to Muta at Wrestle War 89 (WHO BOOKED THAT COMBO?!) and was fired/quit. When he came back in 90, Ole inexplicably put him with Flair AGAIN. Young Brody was still a fan.
The Dudes w/ Attitudes with Sting, the Steiners and hot young babyfaces....JYD and Paul Orndorff..... plus some Gigante guy hanging around.... JYD even got to squash Mean Mark Callous right before Callous died in November of 1990.
1992 has some terrifying matches on paper as JYD works Vinnie Vegas and DDP in singles bouts.
The 1993 run is perhaps the oddest as he teams with the Anvil for 1 TV match in April, then vanishes then works a few matches in summer.

Maybe JYD should have gotten a 1993 WWF run, as no government agent was going to accuse JYD of being on steroids at that point! Maybe could have joined Men on a Mission as the 4th fat guy in Hammer pants.
Edit -- Sir Mo is only 3 years younger than JYD as it appears he starting wrestling very late in life!

I distinctly remember the Apter mags writing about JYD's USWA title run because they shot the belt to Reed and Reed lost it to.....Todd Champion in a phantom match as Reed quit the promotion right after getting the belt.


WWF @ Montreal, Quebec - Forum - November 14, 1986
WWF Tag Team Champions Davey Boy Smith & the Dynamite Kid defeated Rick Martel & Tom Zenk via disqualification (the champions played the heels for the match)
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Dog also had a run in '91 as Six Man Tag Team Champs with Ricky Morton & Tommy Rich. Their only common denominator was they were all super hot in the '80s and now seemed super old and washed up? Although it looks that was part of his '90 run which was his longest WCW run.

I hate to spark off my "Wrestlers seemed so much more older then!" conversation BUTTTT I just learned that JYD was only 45 when he died. So that would mean he was only in his late 30s for his WCW/USWA runs. Man...I would say most guys are hitting their primes or just coming out of them in their late 30s these days but Dog was a good 5-10 years past his!