MLB Playoffs 2020


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Eh, it was a great series. I'm not as mad as I thought I'd be in losing. It's funny to see people big up the Rays but forget that Morton was on the 2017 team but wanna congratulate him. Also, all of MLB Twitter that is wanting to rag on Houston, but also eagerly awaiting Springer joining their team via free agency.

In the end, the team put together a solid year in a season that was pretty dreadful all around. No JV, no Osuna, no Yordan as well as something like fifteen rookie pitchers used with other veteran pitchers injured.


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Kershaw to start game 1. If he goes out this series and has a couple of dominating performances he could really solidify his legacy. If he gets lit up again there will probably always be those "yeah, but he couldn't win the biggest games" comments long after he retires.