2014 Live Attendance Phoenix Suns Blog Part II

Baby Shoes

Baby Shoes
That was a good watch. Thank you.


This came to a close.

Tough to swallow but it was a fun season that I really wouldn't have traded for anything else. The McDonough/Hornacek duo will hopefully last for a while. I still think they were brought in as a cheap way out and worked better than anyone could've expected. Hopefully this is a kickstart in the right direction.

Rumor is Lakers are going to go after Bledsoe hard but Lakers are attached to everyone almost as much as people wanting to GO HOME to the Knicks. Except with actual prestige.

Goran finally got some recognition with Most Improved. So that was cool.

Horny finished second to Popp, which I think was partially the playoff differential.

Got a little flash at the memories tonight. Watching the Nets-Raptors they showed Joe Johnson's game winner back when this season was still fresh and unexpected.

I mentioned briefly that I did autographing stuff in my interacting with players in pre-game. I mostly get cards signed because it easy. I took my card binders out tonight. Not counting the cards I gave away to friends, I have 800 signed cards from this season. Peak was probably the Durant rookie in the preseason, although I did get Harden, Howard, Duncan and several other huge names.

I got a few different jerseys signed throughout the season too from my jersey collection. I have to go back and count those. Off the top of my head I had jerseys signed by Jimmer Fredette, Tayshaun Prince, Al Jefferson, Luis Scola, Austin Rivers, Kyle Korver.

So, this is really the end of my two-year journey. Bought the cheap seats for the adventure for the awful, awful 2012-13. Got the good seat season tickets and got to watch some really fun basketball. No plans for next year right now. I keep debating looking for cheapest possible nosebleeds to get in the building next year. Have some changes in my personal life where I don't know if I can commit all the time I got to this season, which is part of why I wanted to this year. But the nosebleeds can at least ensure I am in the building for the games I really want to...

Thanks everyone for reading these for the past, what, year and a half since I started. The original year's threads. I think the mods split this year into three editions.

If any interesting events continue, maybe they will surface in here. Draft should be interesting. Right now Suns have 14, 17 (Wizards) and 28 (Indiana). If the Suns get one of the top three with their 14 pick in the lottery, that means they will get another pick, as Minnesota's is Top 13 protected and they sit at 13 right. Suns hit the jackpot and get 1 through 3, they will have that pick PLUS 14, 17 and 28.

Some people are trying to start up Lebron hope. I would love it but won't believe it. Some other star coming? Would be awesome to continue building.

Baby Shoes

Baby Shoes
I think I have found my calling...