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Harley Quinn said:
The latest 30 for 30 on Felipe Lopez was pretty fascinating, roughly a basketball version of the Marcus Dupree story.

I can't wait to see this one. My first job was working at a movie theater near St. John's University. He came in one night. He was nothing but a class act. Really like the dude.


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I watched the Junior Seau episode. I was really down by the end of it. His downfall and ending was bad enough, and seeing his mother bawling, plus hearing his girlfriend describe unknowingly jumping on his dead body really put it over the top.

It came down hard enough on CTE that I was a little surprised ESPN aired it without fearing the NFL's backlash.


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I saw the Seau ep not too long ago as well, and it was quite a downer. I had forgotten about his mother breaking down at the press conference which was bad enough, but seeing his kids having to grow up with a severely compromised father was rough.


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The Untold episode on Netflix about The Malice at the Palace is some really awesome, fascinating stuff. Definitely worth the watch.