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Star Ocean 2

Star Ocean 2
I don't know what was wrong with these:

The Bobcats are a complete mess, and the new uniforms are generic, derivative schlock.


I've thought about how an 80s return or gold alt would work. Although the yellow there seems louder than the regular shade they have, I like them overall.

It crossed my mind, but I wonder if this isn't just a test run before making a switch to permanent home / road versions of these.


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A lot of college teams are trying the matte finish helmets, including a couple games today. Can't speak for every fanbase, but it seems like a lot of the Michigan fans don't like theirs. I kinda like it as a change of pace every once in awhile. Of course, the players themselves always eat up everything that's new.

Star Ocean 2

Star Ocean 2
I love the trippy explanations teams come up with for their choice of colours.

Gold represents the championships they "intend to win" lol


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Jerseys with sleeves are coming to the NBA starting with the Warriors later this year.

I could have sworn a college team back in the early 90's wore jerseys with sleeves, I think it was East Carolina, but I couldn't find any pictures.

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Is this going to be a total conversion or just like an alternate? Because I can see this doing it as an alternate just so they can sell more merchandise, as people with shitty upper bodies might not want to have their twig arms hanging out for the world to see when they can wear an officially licensed Jer-Tee without the need to wear a regular shirt beneath it.