AEW Year 2, Thread One

If I'm Cody, I don't want anyone looking like him near me unless it's some kind of Make A Wish situation. Horrifically ugly man whose pictures have an odor.

That out of the way, I don't understand why he got hired for a real job there. Cody should've paid him in exposure like a real neo-carny promoter. From what I pick up, and please correct me if I'm wrong, he was doing absolutely nothing a real production guy could do except sacrifice his existence for a chance to make eye contact one of the roster. I don't think I disbelieve him, there's some pieces missing, like he's the static in some communication.

And DDP Yoga isn't a Scientology-like cult. It's a Getting Things Done-like cult.

Big Beard Booty Daddy

Canadian Destroyer213
So it appears that the only reason he mentioned Cody and AEW was to get traction on his story. He still watches and live tweets Dynamite. He didn't even work for AEW, he had very little interaction with Cody, and it was DDP who told him these things. All after being horrible on Twitter. Maybe they asked him not to Tweet because he was a racist homophobe? He also got kicked out of the DDP house for apparently being too creepy there. I don't know what his end game was, but this certainly wasn't it.