Bad Movies 2020 (and beyond)


Getting Down to Business.
Seriously, outside of dumb white liberals, who is the audience for this movie?

King Kamala

Integral Poster
Nobody hate watched Hillbilly Elegy?

I guess we have enough poor whites on the board that no one wants to watch Coastal Elite Hollywood's piss poor depiction of Appalachia. :(

Fall of Epic

Epic Reine
I thought Amy Adams and Glenn Close were both very good but the movie itself didn't really move me that much. Typical Hollywood Oscar bait.


Integral Poster
I still might do it. I read Amy Adams is terrible in it with a Cletus the slack jawed yokel voice and I don't know if I want to see that. I'm surprised it's only 115 minutes. That's still long but these type of melodrama usually run 140 to 160 minutes.