Bad Wrestling Fan Takes 2020


That's So Raven would have a lot less child-friendly minstrel humor and more violent drug use, that's for damn sure. Cheeseball humor would be about equal.

Winter Epicland

Epic Reine

Raven was mainstream enough to yuck it up with Donnie and Marie Osmond.

PS - I think I've own about a dozen of the same shirt Raven is wearing here.

King Kamala

Integral Poster
That short lived Donny & Marie talk show from the late '90s had a lot of rasslin guests in its short time on the air. I remember DDP & Mick Foley popped up there too to promote their books and also Donny was in the crowd for at least one Nitro in Salt Lake City.

(@Winter Epicland being a raver, me being an avid watcher of mediocre forgettable daytime television. Board is full of surprises today)