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Baby Shoes

Baby Shoes
Sorry if this is a retread topic. I did a search before posting but didn't see anything to bump.

I was thinking about sharing some pictures I've taken at events and some other stuff on here but I didn't really know which image hosting site to work through. I knew I had a PhotoBucket from when we rebranded and I started loading images when writing for the site. I unlocked that and they act like you have to pay $4.99/mo for anything more than 250 pictures stored.

What does everyone else use or suggest? I don't need anything super heavy duty as this is just to share stuff places like here. I have plenty of storage on my phone so I am not necessarily concerned about long term but if I can download a phone app to swing a quick link onto the board, it would be cool.

Quick Google search has me leaning toward Flickr but thought I'd get some opinions as maybe there are some folks here who know more of what to look for on this topic than I do.

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I've got an off the wall idea. I have a blog through Google and if you start one, you can upload photos to it and link it to sites like this.

Baby Shoes

Baby Shoes
Not a bad idea but I don't know if anyone would care to read a blog by me. Don't know if I have enough interesting things to say. What's your blog on? I know you have your jersey collection stuff, that would be something I'd like to look at.


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I just use imgur, although that's normally just good for sharing. If you want to save it and come back to it later, that can be a little more complicated