Bill Cosby raped at least 15 women

black people were on this tip for a while. I had no idea about any of this stuff but apparently this info has been out for a while. It all exploded in the mainstream after this:

I was never really a big fan of his work or show, but I know a lot of Cosby fans and they're taking this hard.

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Netflix cancelled his Comedy special and NBC pulled the sitcom they were working on. He's never going to be looked at the same way again. It's interesting that people are acting like this is all new. These accusations have been around a long time. That meme idea for his website really killed him, though.


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I'll never watch Leonard Part 6.



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Didn't Dickerson also have sex issues with Bob Barker?

Fox News aired an uncomfortable interview with Cosby who was asked about the rape stuff after his people told the interviewer not to. Cosby declined comment and dressed down the guy for a bit for integrity. Then when he thought he was off camera he again implored the interviewer to not show any of this.


I am amazed that nobody has edited the Cosby Show intro where they're all dancing into something reflecting this. Give it time, I guess.


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Never gonna be able to watch Fat Albert starring Kenan Thompson in the same way again.

Meaning I'm still going to watch it once every few months, but not like I did previously.

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Yeah, I was surprised that this was being presented as 'news'. My guess is it's mostly been kept quiet because you can't tell people in my parent's generation shit negative about Bill Cosby. That whole meme thing cracked me the fuck up, though.


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So who are the Teflon celebs of our generation? Who will we gives passes to for transgressions we can't even yet fathom? Is Peyton Manning a child molester? Does Ray Romano collect child pornography?

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Well, Angelina Jolie brushed off stealing another woman's husband, like it was dirt from her shoulder. I can't imagine what kind of shit she'd have to be into to make people turn on her. Sandra Bullock is presented as "America's Sweetheart." Scarlett Johansson appears to be pretty close to teflon, at this point. As far as men, I don't know... Clooney? Pitt? I can't think of any other male celebrities off the top of my head with the right combination of universal appeal and A-list status.


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I still enjoy watching the main event of WM 20, so I don't expect this to ruin Ghost Dad for me.


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It's baffling that Cosby was successful in so many forms of media, but he could never pick a good movie script to save his life.