Brody and Friends talk about the AWA (Brody has no friends)


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The massacre in Minneapolis is my second favorite Hogan match ever, just behind the 1990 match vs Hansen in Japan.


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I posted the clip mostly for the scene of Hogan going out to the Twin Cities fans and celebrating with them over his long awaited World title win.

IIRC they showed the Massacre on Hulkamania 1 with a big blue box over the blood. (Or was that on TNT?)


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Blue box was on TNT. Hulkamania 1 has all sorts of Hogan bladejobs. Haven't seen the tape since I was like 8 or 9 years old, but all the blood made quite an impression on me.


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They added Madusa to CrusherFest....and Jumpin Jim and Groovy Greg!!!! I really want to go now! If they appear on that Saturday, I think I HAVE to go.
They have done a poor job clarifying what is going on with this event but finally announced that Bischoff, Madusa, Kenny Jay, Groovy Greg and Jumpin' Jim will be doing a roundtable...Friday night...outside of the CrusherFest event. No idea if they will be part of the rest of the weekend. May have to download 83 weeks on Monday and hope Eric clarifies.
As it stands, you have to pay 100 bucks to meet all 5 talents. 25 to listen to them chat. I don't think I can justify the 2 hour one way trip, especially if its a Fri night since I would barely have time to properly sleep before I would have to zoom down to Milwaukee.

1988 Toddler Brody is upset.

Where'd Madusa come from? I assume she must have watched the Crusher as a kid, otherwise this booking is as bad as Jerry Lawler's 2 years ago (Lawler no showed, but he had no Crusher connection anyway.)
Edit - yes I realize she was an AWA valet/wrestler!
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I've mentioned it before on TSM, but when the AWA did their Team Challenge Series draft (just prior to the Pink Room of Doom taping) on the list of free agents who would possibly come in as Wild Card TCS member was Big Van Vader. Mind you this is the same year that the AWA teased Barry Windham coming in BY NAME while Windham was still NWA US champ. 1989 also saw Lee Marshall call a live event they aired on ESPN or whatever and as the card was going down Marshall was imploring fans to leave their couches and buy a ticket to see the rest of the show in person.


Because I am a fucking loser, while visiting my 74 year old mother this AM, I mentioned to her that I was thinking about going to CRUSHERFEST to see the Hi Flyers. I figured she knew them as her Daddy was a AWA fan. They didn't ring any bells in her head, so I wiped out a picture of them circa 1977. She looked at Greg and said "Is he the one who would go "WOOOOOO!" all the time?"


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I hope Groovy Greg has updated his made up stories!
Quick and Dirty review:

Greg laughs at a story about Bobby Heenan putting a newspaper over his lap and pretending to sleep on a plane, A stewardess moves the paper only to see Heenan's lil Bobby sticking out.

Brunzell says Hogan made 10 million dollars in 1985 alone. (He also says 50 grand a week).

Greg tells the mostly true story of how Vince chose LJN over Remco, so Remco went to the AWA for toys instead and beat Vince to the market, Gagne says the dude behind the deal made figures for 8 years (Line went 3 years) and made so much money that he retired wealthy.

Mad Dog Vachon started a riot in Milwaukee in a cage match with Da Crusher. They legit did not like one another and Vachon busted Crusher open with a bolt on the cage door. The fans stormed the cage to save their hero and Vachon body checked himself into the cage on all sides to knock the climbing fans into the 4th row, So much wrestler bullshit, but I smiled through the whole story.

They ask Gagne about the Team Challenge Series and Gagne explains how the AWA was actually ahead of the times and now split rosters and drafts are the norm for wrestling. Plus the NFL draft is a big ratings grabber.

Both Hi Flyers take turns explaining how modern wrestling has lost its soul. There are no real heels and no one works a match, they just bounce all over the place,