Concerts coming to your area: Good and Bad

Kamala The Simp

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I think they asked for one hit wonders that disappeared almost immediately but still play shows and are MAGA as fuck.
I was going to rebut this by saying "Green Jelly had hits" as I thought "Three Little Pigs" was one of those songs that was big on 120 Minutes but didn't get radio play but I just looked it up and it hit #17 on the Billboard Hot 100 in '93 (and was a Top 5 hit in the UK but I knew they had legit hits there cause Brits are friggin weirdos)! GD the early '90s were a pretty dang weird time for the pop charts. I guess EVERYTHING alternative had its day in the sun.


Well I was wrong about there being another lockdown but the Sebastian Bach show in Middletown did get cancelled. I have to imagine it’s due to low ticket sales. And I didn’t buy a ticket so I guess it’s partly my fault. But I was going to!