CXF Fantasy Football 2020 - League Champ is Krankor!


Let's just pause this shit for a second.

Do you guys want to keep this at 16 teams or drop down to 14 teams? If we do 14 teams, everyone plays everyone once in the schedule. No more funky division format. Or we keep it 16 and keep the four 4-team divisions.


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Great start to the 2020 draft. What a bitch move.

I'm fine with 14 teams. I never expected it to be difficult finding people to join a football league, but here we are.


Problem with contracting to 14 is its a huge pain in the ass expanding back up to 16. I'm not really wanting to auto-draft two teams, but I can just to see if we can find two teams to take them over. If not, by the 2021 season we can figure out if we want to just contract to 14 teams.


If we go to 14, I can just toss those players back in the player pool that those 2 teams kept and they'd be included in the draft. I'd just go back and double check with St Gabe, MFer, and if Linx picks him if they wanted to change their picks. I'm going to leave this question open until the end of the day and decide when I get home from work later tonight.


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I also think having 14 teams will make the league more competitive in general and have noticed we've been kind of trending towards smaller leagues for a while.


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I know I'm not in the league, but maybe 14 is a good fit? It seems that the board has gotten smaller and people are either drifting away or just not wanting to put the time into things anymore?

Hope the league goes well this year for y'all.

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Somehow I thought we'd already gone down to 14. Maybe I was just assuming the open teams weren't going to have anyone pick them up. Anyway, 14's fine.


Alright that's a majority for 14.

I'll rework the draft order and then rework the yahoo league.

We'll just start back over tomorrow with the draft.

@StGabe, are you still wanting Burrow 1st pick or would you prefer someone off of the two open teams.

QB Philip Rivers
WR Stefon Diggs
WR AJ Green
TE Austin Hooper
RB Todd Gurley II
RB James Conner
QB Drew Brees
QB Gardner Minshew II
RB Zeke Elliott
RB Mark Ingram
WR TY Hilton
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I'm switching to Big Zeke. He was the only one of that group I was interested in. Not a position of need for me, but I can't pass up the value.


We gonna eat good.


Okay, Linx is back up. His 12 hours will start at Midnight. If he wants to pick before then that's fine. I won't have yahoo squared away until around then.


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This guy is going to be a monster with Mahomes for many years to come.


Clyde Edwards-Helaire, RB

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Yeah, that @ shit doesn't tell me anything. Only PMs make it through spam filters.

Gotta go with a player I've always liked since the KC rookie's gone:


Kenyan Drake, RB

I haven't gotten to draft in the first round in a while, let alone have a chance at a serviceable RB! I drafted Sony Michel a couple of years ago but he never really had this kind of potential.

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I have zero starting QBs and I would love to take a young one but the options they aren’t great and since this guy is a old fart, I just happen to have his backup/replacement already ready to take over when his arm finally breaks or he gets canceled, whichever comes first. The guy in this photo that should be drafted isn’t available so I will take the other guy.