CXF Fantasy Football 2021


Draft results have been fully input and finalized in yahoo. If you had anyone in your lineups before I reset the yahoo league, you will once again have to put them back into your week 1 lineup.

The Benchwarmer Frenzy budget will be $100 of FAAB. Players come off waivers on Tuesday 8/24. No reason to hoard the $100 because it will be reset on Saturday 8/29.

Roster Spots to Fill:
Krankor: 3
Kotz: 3
Mfer: 3
Brooklyn Zoo: 3
Dirt: 3
Flik: 3
Will Scarlet: 3
Hawk: 2
909: 3
Chewbie: 3
StGabe: 4
Steak: 2
OG: 3

I will reset the FAAB's to the regular season baseline budget of $100 on Satuday 8/29.

*FAAB Benchwarmer Bonus: If by, the end of day Friday 8/28, you have filled your roster with 21 or more players, then you will receive an extra $50 in your regular season FAAB bank account.

*Startling Lineup Bonus: If by, the end of day Friday 8/28, you have every position of your lineup filled with a player, you will receive a $25 bonus into your regular season FAAB bank account. If any spot is left empty, offense/kicker/defense, than you will not receive the bonus.

*I'm just going to hand out the $20 draft punctuality bonus to everyone except Flik because we got the draft done in a timely manner.
Flik's budget will get taxed $5 per player I had to draft for him. So far that will be $55, if I have to add 3 more players to his team on 8/29 to complete his lineup, that'll be another $15.

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Waiting for waivers to run like:



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Glad I was able to snare Jakobi Meyers. Needed a backup TE so I went with Cole Kmet (best of a horrible lot IMO) and got my future rotational Kicker.


Regular season FAAB's have been reset. Bonuses have been paid out. Use it wisely!

Krankor: $200
Kotz: $200
Mfer: $200
Brooklyn Zoo: $125, only @ 18 players, line up not set
Dirt: $200
Flik: $100 - (Tax 15 x $5) = $25
Harley: $200
Will Scarlet: $200
Hawk: $200
909: $200
Chewbie: $200
StGabe: $200
Steak: $200
OG: $200

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I'm beside myself. What an absolute disaster of a fantasy week. Besides this league I had excellent weeks only to get wrecked by someone having their game of the season.

This league is mine still of course. I'm simply frustrated as fuck this week.


I'm pleased to have gotten to 2-2. I'm not really feeling my roster as a playoff threat, but who knows.

Anyone in need of a QB... Davis Mills from Houston is available. He technically is a QB. I'm not saying he will get you positive points, but ya never know!

Also I'd gladly entertain offers for RB Miles Sanders. I'm tired of seeing him on my roster.


Trade #1:
Hawk receives RB Miles Sanders
Krankor receives RB Trey Sermon

Little update for 2022:

Plan on 6 being the keeper limit.

TE's will be looked at as just another player, no special round, no special keeper slot. They'll just count toward your six.


I just lost Russell Wilson for 6-8 weeks.

My QBs now are Mac Wilson, Davis Mills, and GENO SMITH.

I'm open for trading business:
WR Chris Godwin
WR Diontae Johnson
WR Brandon Aiyuk
TE Tyler Higbee
RB Jamaal Williams
RB Zack Moss
RB Dalvin Cook (maybe if the offer is right)
QB Davis Mills
QB Geni Smith (Seahawks)

Mainly looking for upside players and draft picks for 2022. Don't expect players to be dealt right away until I get the right deal.

League Trade Deadline: Nov 20th

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This is so dumb, I'm in such a spot thanks to injuries that I'm relying on goddamn Sammy Watkins and Calais Campbell to produce 30 points... AND I'M ALREADY AT 160 WHAT THE FUCK