CXF Fantasy NBA 2021-22 - -END-



The NBA plans on starting the regular season October 19th.

New League Year began on Sep 1st 2021

Draft Begins on October 1st, 2021.

Link to Yahoo League:

Link to last year's thread:


2021-22 DRAFT GRID
1. MontanaToRice - Jayson Tatum
2. O.G. - Paul George
3. Ace - LaMelo Ball
4. Ace - Cade Cunningham
5. AboveAverage - Bam Adebayo
6. Alfdogg - Lebron James
7. Ace - De'Aaron Fox
8. CWM - Nikola Vucevic
9. Steak - Jaylen Brown
10. CWM - Brandon Ingram
11. Krankor - Anthony Edwards
12. MontanaToRice - John Collins
13. AboveAverage - Russell Westbrook
14. O.G. - Christian Wood

1. Harley - Deandre Ayton
2. MFer - Khris Middleton
3. Ace - Kristaps Porzingis
4. AboveAverage - Tobias Harris
5. Chosun - Clint Capela
6. MontanaToRice - Dejounte Murray
7. CWM - Tyrese Haliburton
8. OG - CJ McCollum
9. 909 - Ja Morant
10. Krankor - Pascal Siakam
11. Alfdogg - Malcolm Brogdon
12. Will Scarlet - OG Anunoby
13. ChrisV - Draymond Green
14. Steak - Jerami Grant

1. Steak - Terry Rozier
2. ChrisV - Jusuf Nurkic
3. Will Scarlet - Lonzo Ball
4. Alfdogg - Kevin Porter Jr
5. Krankor - Darius Garland
6. 909 - Richaun Holmes
7. OG - Buddy Hield
8. CWM - Jakob Poetl
9. MontanaToRice - Jalen Green
10. Chosun - Mikal Bridges
11. AboveAverage - Jonas Valanciunas
12. Ace - D'Angelo Russell
13. MFer - Robert Williams
14. Harley - Kyle Lowry

1. Harley - Jarrett Allen
2. MFer - Gordon Hayward
3. Ace - Kyrie Irving
4. AboveAverage - Chris Boucher
5. Chosun - Caris LeVert
6. MontanaToRice - DeMar DeRozan
7. CWM - Derrick White
8. OG - Scottie Barnes
9. 909 - Robert Covington
10. Krankor - Isaiah Stewart
11. Alfdogg - Mitchell Robinson
12. Will Scarlet - Evan Mobley
13. ChrisV - Bogdan Bogdanovic
14. Steak - Wendell Carter

1. Steak - Jalen Suggs
2. ChrisV - Andrew Wiggins
3. Will Scarlet - Kelly Olynyk
4. Alfdogg - Ben Simmons
5. Krankor - Spencer Dinwiddie
6. 909 - Miles Bridges
7. OG - Evan Fournier
8. CWM - Harrison Barnes
9. MontanaToRice - Andre Drummond
10. Chosun - Kemba Walker
11. AboveAverage - Norman Powell
12. Ace - PJ Washington
13. MFer - Mike Conley
14. Harley - Jordan Clarkson

1. Harley - Gary Trent Jr
2. MFer - Kyle Anderson
3. Ace - Daniel Gafford
4. AboveAverage - Devonte Graham
5. Chosun - Nickeil Alexander-Walker
6. MontanaToRice - Tyler Herro
7. CWM - Jordan Poole
8. OG - Larry Nance
9. 909 - Klay Thompson
10. Krankor - Keldon Johnson
11. Alfdogg - Marcus Smart
12. Will Scarlet - Saddiq Bey
13. ChrisV - Brook Lopez
14. Steak - Al Horford

1. Steak - Reggie Jackson
2. ChrisV - Bojan Bogdanovic
3. Will Scarlet - Duncan Robinson
4. Alfdogg - Nerlens Noel
5. Krankor - James Wiseman
6. 909 - Tim Hardaway Jr
7. OG - Dillon Brooks
8. CWM - TJ McConnell
9. MontanaToRice - Lauri Markkanen
10. Chosun - Ivica Zubac
11. AboveAverage - Dennis Schroder
12. Ace - Mo Bamba
13. MFer - Bobby Portis
14. Harley - Malik Beasley

1. Harley - Cameron Thomas
2. MFer - Joe Ingles
3. Ace - Josh Giddey
4. AboveAverage - Kyle Kuzma
5. Chosun - Patrick Williams
6. MontanaToRice - Joe Harris
7. CWM - De'Andre Hunter
8. OG - Killian Hayes
9. 909 - Montrezl Harrell
10. Krankor - Jonathan Isaac
11. Alfdogg - Mason Plumlee
12. Will Scarlet - Kawhi Leonard
13. ChrisV - De'Anthony Melton
14. Steak - Aaron Gordon

1. Steak - Luguentz Dort
2. ChrisV - Desmond Bane
3. Will Scarlet - Tyrese Maxey
4. Alfdogg - Derrick Rose
5. Krankor - Trey Murphy III
6. 909 - Seth Curry
7. OG Pick used for consolation winner pick
8. CWM - Will Barton
9. MontanaToRice - Alperen Sengun
10. Chosun - Steven Adams
11. AboveAverage - Kevin Huerter
12. Ace - TJ Warren
13. MFer - Thaddeus Young
14. Harley - Marcus Morris



A. Teams can select a maximum of THREE keepers of any position.

B. Teams can choose to keep between ZERO and THREE keepers.

C. All keepers must be turned in by July 31st. The league year ends on July 31st, new league year begins August 1st.

D. Teams will lose a lottery ball in the forthcoming draft for each keeper they retain.

(Example: If a team keeps 2 players, they will have 1 lottery ball in the next draft.)

E. Draft picks can be traded at any point during the season, off-season, and during the draft. The only stipulation is the amount of draft picks on each side of the trade must balance. If the trade happens DURING the fantasy regular season, at least 1 player must be included on each side of the trade to complete the transaction.

(Example: Team A trades Chris Paul and a 5th Round Pick to Team B for J.R. Smith and a 1st Round Pick. This is a legal and draft pick balanced trade.)

F. Keepers can be kept for any duration. There is no year limit on the length that a keeper can be kept.

G. After the Fantasy Championship matchup has ended, the trade deadline period will be lifted. Trading can again commence. Managers must post in the Fantasy Basketball thread any trade and both managers involved in the trade must confirm the trade is true before it is validated.

H. During the draft, a manager has a set time limit in order to complete a draft pick. The time starts immediately following the previous selection OR the previous manager hitting their time limit. If the previous manager makes an invalid selection, the next manager is on the clock regardless of the pick not being valid. The time limit is subject to change if we are starting to run behind on time to complete the draft.

I. The winner of the Consolation playoff bracket will be awarded the prize of an extra Lottery Ball in the next draft. This is an EXTRA lottery ball that is not associated with your keepers. As a result of this prize being an additional pick, you will automatically lose whatever your last draft pick in the draft would have been after the final keeper deadline has passed. The pick that is lost can not be a draft pick you acquired from another team, it has to be yours. This prize lottery ball is tradeable.

J. If a lottery ball is traded, unless designated specifically in the trade, the ball that is traded is always the ball labeled with the lowest number that is owned by the trader. This is important because of section K.

(Example: Krankor trades a lottery ball to Steak. Krankor had three lottery balls to begin with. The ball that Steak recieves is labeled Krankor's Lottery Ball #3.)

K. The lottery ball numbers will be labeled the following way. The Consolation Prize Lottery Ball will be labeled Lottery Ball #1. All other Lottery Balls will be in order alphabetically by manager's name. If a lottery ball is traded to another manager, it will still be in it's original spot based alphabetically, it will just have a different owner.

L. When forefiting lottery balls for a keeper the following order of forefiture of lottery balls will be used... Team Owned Lottery Ball #3, Team Owned Lottery Ball #2, Team Owned Lottery Ball #1, Oldest Trade Acquired Lottery Ball, Newest Trade Acquired Lottery Ball, and finally Team Owned Consolation Prize Lottery Ball.

M. New managers have two scenarios to start their team. New managers are placed in order of first to express interest get first shot at potential exiting teams available as outlined in option B. If a new manager joins the league after the keeper deadline, Option A will be the only option available to them to form a new team.

Option A: New managers can start fresh with a brand new team with no keepers. The managers will be entered in the draft lottery to determine pick seeding. They will be seeded before the team with the worst regular season record. This option is typically reserved for new team league expansion.

Option B: New managers have the option of taking over ownership of a team which has it's owner quit the league. By selecting this option, managers will have the draft seeding in which the previous owner would receive by its end of season standings placement, like all other managers. The players on that team would follow all preset keeper values that the previous manager had. Keepers will follow all previous rules and values. Essentially all that is happening to the pre-existing team is a change in ownership.

N. In the event that a manager quits the league and had future draft pick trades, the following will occur. The pick that would have been gained from the team that quit is placed at the end of the round it was traded in. This is because there is no actual placement spot from the team that no longer exists. The pick that would have been traded to the team that quit is subsequently deleted from the draft board.

Example: Team A trades it's 5th round pick to to Team B for it's 8th round pick. Team A quits. The 5th round pick is placed at the end of Round 5 and the 8th round pick is deleted.

O. Rules are subject to review and revision after the season is over and prior to the start of drafting at the discretion of the league or the commissioner.

P. League Settings





Daily Roster Changes

Head 2 Head Format

Max Free Agent Acquisitions Per Week: 4

Playoff Tiebreaker: Best Regular Season Record vs Opponent Wins

2020-'21 Steak defeats ChrisV

2019-'20 Will Scarlet defeats Krankor
2019-'20 HoosierDaddy won shortened Yahoo Title

2018-'19 Steak defeats Alfdogg

2017-'18 Krankor defeats Chosun

2016-'17 Steak defeats Will Scarlet

2015-'16 Steak defeats MFer

2014-'15 Krankor defeats Will Scarlet

2013-'14 Steak defeats MFer

2012-'13 Will Scarlet defeats Roy

2011-'12 Steak defeats Krankor

2010-'11 Steak defeats Alfdogg

2009-'10 Krankor defeats Steak

2008-'09 Steak defeats Krankor

2007-'08 Krankor defeats O.G.

2006-'07 Will Scarlet defeats Alfdogg

2005-'06 909 defeats Roy

2004-'05 Will Scarlet defeats Linx

2003-'04 Mindless Aggression defeats pinjockey

2020-21 League Champ: Steak
2020-21 Consolation Winner: O.G.

2020-21 NBA Regular Season Standings w/ Keepers

1. Steak "Donovan's Advisor" 89-38-1

Steph Curry
Karl Anthony Towns

2. ChrisV "Max 20 Characters" 88-40-0
Luka Doncic
Myles Turner
Donovan Mitchell

3. Will Scarlet "White Tigers" 80-43-5
James Harden
Nikola Jokic
Rudy Gobert

4. Alfdogg "Milwaukee Cucks" 73-51-4
Joel Embiid
Zion Williamson

5. Krankor "Random Hero" 70-54-4
Devin Booker
Michael Porter Jr

6. 909 "Latino World Order" 71-56-1
Kevin Durant
Chris Paul
Jimmy Butler

7. O.G. "The Champs Are Here" 68-59-1
Domantas Sabonis
Bradley Beal

8. CWM "CWM's Roughnecks" 66-60-2
Zach Lavine

9. MontanaToRice1680 "" 53-73-2
Giannis Antetokounmpo

10. Chosun "Championship or Bust" 52-74-2
Anthony Davis
Damian Lillard
Trae Young

11. AboveAverage "The JOB Squad" 51-73-4
Fred VanVleet

12. Ace "Ace's Team" 50-77-1

13. MFer "Return of the MF" 43-81-4
Shai Gilgeous-Alexander
Jrue Holiday
Jaren Jackson Jr.

14. Harley Quinn "Rarity's Five Gems" 43-83-2
Collin Sexton
RJ Barrett
Julius Randle
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If a mod could pin this thread and unpin the old one I'd appreciate it.

Yahoo League is up as well:

Need Keepers from:
@Baby Shoes
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Like the Football League this year, when I enter the keepers in to the offline draft order tab on yahoo, it isn't pulling them from the player pool.

I'm just going to complete the draft on yahoo with the keepers, then add the drafted players to your teams manually. Once we're done drafting, I'll reset the yahoo draft and enter all the draft results in.

EDIT: It required me to throw someone on Ace's Team to 'complete' the draft. I threw a Plumlee onto his team to complete it, then dropped him back off his roster. Also I have Add/Drops disabled for everyone for obvious reasons.
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The hot garbage that was on that team's roster beside Giannis was:

Marvin Bagley
Spencer Dinwiddie
Ivicia Zubac
Nicolas Batum
Victor Oladipo
Jakob Poeltl
Kristaps Porzingis
Royce O'Neale
Christian Wood
CJ McCollum
Joe Ingles
Jaylen Brown

If you want to keep any of that, feel free, but if you keep someone, you lose a lottery round selection per player kept.


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Ball #1: O.G. (Consolation Prize Ball)
Ball #2: AboveAverage
Ball #3: Ace
Ball #4: Ace
Ball #5: Ace
Ball #6: Alfdogg
Ball #7: CWM
Ball #8: CWM
Ball #9: Krankor
Ball #10: MontanaToRice
Ball #11: MontanaToRice
Ball #12: O.G.
Ball #13: Steak
Ball #14: AboveAverage


Here is the official order for Lottery Round. If anyone wants to start drafting early, feel free. But I won't impose any 12 hour per pick time limits until the official start date of October 1st.

Lottery Round Official Order:
1. MontanaToRice
2. O.G.
3. Ace
4. Ace
5. AboveAverage
6. Alfdogg
7. Ace
8. CWM
9. Steak
10. CWM
11. Krankor
12. MontanaToRice
13. AboveAverage
14. O.G.