CXF Fantasy NBA League 2020-21



I've had 2 people ask about possibly changing a keeper. You all have until the end of day Friday.

If I don't hear from you by then, you got what you got.

Lottery order will be set Saturday.

Draft officially starts Tuesday December 1st. If you all want to get started prior to then, feel free. Time limits won't begin until Dec 1st however.

General Draft Rules:
12 hour time limits per pick. If you have back to back picks, you still only get 12 hours.

As always, if you miss your time limit on 3 different picks, your time for the remainder of the draft is bumped down to 6 hours.

Posting an invalid/already drafted player does not count as a time limit delay.

Regardless if a pick is valid or invalid, as soon as it's posted the time for the next pick starts.

If you know you will likely miss your time limit because of real life, just pm me your pick and I will post it.


909 has posted the number sequence and Harley will be posting the official Lottery Key!

Also for the record, the ship has sailed on any keeper changes.


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Lottery Key
Ball #1: ChrisV
Ball #2: AA484
Ball #3: AA484
Ball #4: Ace
Ball #5: Alfdogg
Ball #6: Alfdogg
Ball #7: CWM
Ball #8: Krankor
Ball #9: O.G.
Ball #10: Steak
Ball #11: Tman12
Ball #12: TMMB22
Ball #13: TMMB22


Lottery Round Order
1. Alfdogg
2. Ace
3. TMMB22
4. Steak
5. Krankor
6. AA484
7. TMMB22
8. Alfdogg
9. AA484
10. Tman12
11. CWM
12. ChrisV
13. O.G.


Draft officially starts Tuesday. 12 hour time limits will be in effect starting then.

If you guys want to start drafting early be my guest. Time limits just will be in effect starting Tuesday.

@Alfdogg has the first pick in the draft.

Be sure to check who was drafted before you. Just because it isn't listed in the first post, he may have been selected before I've had a chance to update the post. I will try to keep the yahoo available player pool updated about every day or two depending on our progress.


Yep, First overall pick usually gets all day if necessary, then 12 hour time limits go in to effect. If Alfdogg doesnt pick on the 1st then his time is up as soon as Dec 2nd starts EST.



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