Dark Side of the Ring


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I always mix up Bruiser Bedlam and Big Bully Busick. Both are big stocky guys with moustaches. Now I realize I know barely anything about Bedlam and after browsing his wiki I am pumped for his episode. Holy shit.


The non-fans, or at least lapsed fans. watch it the same way you'd watch true crime stuff. I have friends who have no real knowledge of wrestling at all but it's seen very similarly to Forensic Files with many of them. I get it. In that sense deep dives are going to be much bigger.


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Luckily, wrestling is constantly producing new stories of sleaze. Though I suppose there needs to be time to develop perspective. Like I think it'd be hard to make a great episode on #SpeakingOut right now tbh.
This. Also there's a boatload of very... iffy promoters/wrestlers going back to the 70s and 80s so there's a decent trove of material out there. The hardest thing will be getting varied enough guests for the episodes IMO. They also have enough personalities that they can do single focus eps like Dr. D, New Jack, and Bruiser Bedlam that can fill in a bit.


Kanyon will be really interesting.

We'll get the Speaking Out stuff, no doubt. At least a Joey Ryan show, at any rate. I just am dreading the almost certainty of Hana Kimura.

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Dynamite Kid is latest confirmed episode. Amazed it took them until Season 3 to get to that human piece of garbage.

They'll also be airing a special on March 9th where Conrad interviews the creators about stars of first two seasons and previews Season 3, LIVE (taped last year) from THE ECW 2300 ARENA! Hopefully, he refrains from plugging Blue Chew and Geico. Roll tide on that one.


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Gino's mother revealing she was married to Snuka for 10 years is causing a lot of confusion in the IWC. Snuka was already married during this time frame.
Seeing Jake the Snake from a year and half or so ago really shows how much he's showing his age these days. He may have been wearing hair plugs here or something and is far less puffy overall.

Will Season 3 do an episode on Steve Austin beating his wives? Who will speak against the golden goose other than Debra and Jeannie?


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Glad the Meltzer mess made TV.

Doris hearing the news of David's death and running off into the woods at dawn really hit me re-watching the extended cut this week.

Kevin: "The Texas Legislature convened" (when David died). I wonder if we could find a story to prove that.

David possibly dying because he wouldn't let a doctor try a prostate exam is the most Tough Guy Texan thing ever. Better dead then any of that gay stuff by gum!

Between the Sheets just covered a story on how Kerry tried to come back from his motorcycle wreck in Feb 87 and mangled his foot all over again (likely leading to the amputation.) Fritz had already booked Kerry for a March tour of Japan, even before knowing for sure Kerry would be up for it.
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The picture of Brody and his son looking at the He-man game hit me in the feels both times this aired.
The new behind the scene footage of elderly Abby trying to stab the producers was fun.

Abby also had them take him out to Red Lobster. In a truly carny manner. Abby ordered tons of food to take advantage of the guys and tried to even buy dinners for others in the place.

They even play a snippet of Abby singing on a record from Japan in the 70s.
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I don't know why, but I always thought Lacey was Kevin Von Erich's daughter, not Kerry's. In that video of her at this year's Wrestlecon, she talked about her cousins Ross and Marshall and I thought "huh?" before googling.


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Honestly, they could talk to Meltz, Tenay and Corny and get another 50 shows worth of stuff. You may need to frame some of it under a large umbrella.

- Mad Dog Vachon's bar fights/drunken plane ride/leg amputation
- Jerry Lawler and the statutory rape culture of the territories.
- The overall craziness of Ali vs Inoki.
- Johnny Weaver's wife beatings of his wrestler wife, well known in the biz and yet he's a Mid-Atlantic hero.
- Bill Watts racial beliefs growing up in the 40s in the south bleeding into his 1990 mindset.
- Verne killing his fellow elderly mate could perhaps blend into a discussion of Verne's last 6 years as a promoter and the side hustles he tried to give fuel to the AWA. It can even end on a happy note as Verne tries to start up a Sumo league in 1993 for America and recruits several NFL lineman for it. Plus get Groovy Greg Greg on to tell about Verne inventing the UFC and recruiting Randy Couture and Liddell in college. (Greg will have to update his story, as he used those 2 names because they had just sold a gazillion PPVs at the time of the interview.)
- Mr Wrestling 2, teenage gang rapist.
Tony Atlas overcomes racism to headline in the south, then headlines MSG shows as late as 1983, only to wind up living on a park bench within 5 years.
-The plane crash in 76(?) with heels and faces both on it, leaving Johnny V crippled. Flair broken, and Mr W 2 having to wrestle days later to save Kayfabe.
Jim Barnett - Jim Wilson-Thunderbolt Patterson
The various arrests of Roddy Piper and Orton in the WWF while on the road in 84-86
Sunny going from smart high schooler to drug abusing whore porn star.
- Ken Patera vs McDonalds. Hillbilly Police vs Mr. Torture and Patera back at the hotel.
Eddy Graham making a mint off wrestling and investments only to eat a bullet when it dried up. Lots of shady deals in his past. BJ Mulligan and Sullivan think he was murdered.
- JYD overcoming racist local promoters and fans to draw millions of dollars for Watts and Vince only to lose it all for drugs. Dies falling asleep at the wheel coming home from his daughter's graduation.
- Honestly so many many guys could be compelling drug stories.
Eddy Mansfield exposing the business and being blackballed.
Lou Thesz having shoot moments in some of his fights, leads into talk of him wrestling in his 60s due to losing his $ on bad investments. An overall look at his long career and backstage maneuvering with promoters.
JCP vs Vince McMahon 1984-1988. With an overall arch on JCP existing since the 30s promoting sports, music and wrestling.
Ann Gunkel's wrestling War vs the good ol' boys who forced her out after he husband passed away.
The Sheik. Crazy matches and angles. International superstar. Kept Kayfabe into the 90s.
Rita Patterson.
Wahoo's drunken NFL and Wrestling adventures. Drinking motor oil. Cocaine loving Indian.
Chris Adams. (They sure sound like this is coming next year)
Jim Neidhart. Tons of crazy stories, peaking with the drunken airline stewardess assault
Etc etc.
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The plane crash that killed Bobby Shane, ended Buddy Colt's career, and made Austin Idol never want to move too far from his home. The forgotten tragedy.

Gonna always always always say Sputnik Monroe and Rikidozan. Ann Gunkel would be fascinating too.


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Austin was also at Pillman's funeral, which Pillman's sister failed to mention. It was actually one of Meltz more poignant writing efforts as he described Austin being unable to enter the church and instead going to a hilltop over looking the church and soaking in the scene from afar.
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