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Harley Quinn said:
Baby Shoes said:
Amazon has the 8-film Fast and the Furious set for $59.99. Debating if I should pick that up. Was never crazy about the franchise, haven't seen anything past the 4th but friends think I'd enjoy the over-the-top cheesiness of the later ones. I have a handful on Blu-ray, think most of them still sealed, so I probably could sell them to offset the cost, just can't remember last time I spent $60 on a movie purchase outside scooping up everything I wanted from the year on Black Friday sales.

If you held off, it's now dropped to $39.99:

Up to $54.93 which is still a good price for it, and if you don't care about 4K the reg BR set is currently $18.14

Baby Shoes

Baby Shoes
Target put the 4K version of Us up for sale at $12.99. For some reason the listing online is a pre-order but Amazon matched it. When I ordered last night it was listed as only a 1-2 day wait for shipping.

Baby Shoes

Baby Shoes
The recent Star Trek Trilogy on 4K is on sale on Amazon for $35. The same set in Blu-ray is $36 and change at the moment.


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Staff member has a 15% off site wide coupon out (FALL15) ending Wednesday 9/18 at Noon CT.


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Staff member is running a FLOWERS code which can save you 15% off your total order. Ended up saving over $20 total when ordering Blu-Rays for the first 3 Seasons of Riverdale in comparison to ordering from Amazon or Best Buy.

Baby Shoes

Baby Shoes
Don’t think we have a thread like this on books but thinking at least @HarleyQuinn may be interested here.

10 DC Graphic Novels for $35, shipping is $10 but $45. Sounds like a lot are the hardcover editions that were sold in the UK. I’ve never used this site but they are also on Rakuten for 2.5% cash back.

Anyone who doesn’t use Rakuten already -

if you use that referral link you will get a bonus $10 cash back after your first $25 purchase for signing up through the referral


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Interesting. I've been utilizing DC Universe which has helped stem that tide of purchases unless it's a specific HQ product or some such.


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Which of those graphic novels would you guys recommend?

I'm sure @cobainwasmurdered can chime in with deeper thoughts but the Supermans (Whatever Happened to Man of Tomorrow & Kingdom Comes are well known), I liked that Catwoman run in general so I'd recommend the Trail of Catwoman choice. Final Crisis is all a pretty well known story worth checking out.


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The only ones of those that are personal favourites are Kingdom Come and Superman Whatever Happened To the Main of Tomorrow. The original Swamp Thing is really well loved.

If you like Green Arrow than Quiver and Year One are good. The Catwoman one is pretty good IIRC. And yeah Final Crisis is worth reading if only for historical purposes.


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At Big Lots the other day I saw the Alien Anthology Blu Ray set for only 5 dollars. And incredible deal, too bad I already own it.


Some new deals and whatnot.

-Parasite (Criterion) $27.99
-Shivers (Yes, the Cronenberg movie) $12.69
-Ready or Not $9.99
-Mallrats (Arrow) $27.99
-Pitch Black 4K (Arrow) $19.99
-Perfect Blue $14.99
-Portrait of a Lady on Fire (Criterion) $22.97
-The Great Escape (Criterion) $22.97
-The Hunt $15.74
-Lifeforce Steelbook with new 4K scan $19.99
-Cobra (Shout Factory edition) $12.96
-Joker $12.99
-Dr Strangelove (Criterion) $22.97
-Little Monsters $12.69
-The Lighthouse $10
-Donnie Darko (Arrow) $17.90
-Selena $15.19
-Mo Betta Blues and Crooklyn $15.74
-Big Trouble in Little China (Shout Factory) $14.96
-Sleepaway Camp $12.99
-Candyman $9.99
-The Strange Vice of Mrs. Wardh $21.99
-Anthropophagus $18.99
-Robocop (Arrow) $18.87

Baby Shoes

Baby Shoes
A lot of retailers are doing their Black Friday prices now. I had some Best Buy rewards certificates so I cashed those in to upgrade to the 4K steel books of Spider-Man Homecoming, Knives Out and 1917, which were all on sale for $14.99 before my discounts. Now I just have to not be lazy and sell my previous unopened copies of these.

Baby Shoes

Baby Shoes
Among the Black Friday sales, Amazon has the blu-ray of Hunter Killer with Gerard Butler and Gary Oldman for $3.99 and then there is a coupon for $0.66 on the product page. Has to be good, right?