E3 2018


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Ridley confirmed in Smash Bros. That sound you hear is the internet jacking off.

December 7. Damn.


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New Smash looked good, but holy fuck they went on about it for WAY too damn long. Cut that shit in half and we're golden.


They just wanted to show off all the quality of life improvements that they made. And I must say, that game is looking so damn fine from what I could see.

I need to make my preorder already.
no fact said:
The Valeyard said:
Being a main entry is not my problem. It's that always-online is unnecessary as a single solo player, the MMO shit, the feeling that the MMO/non-NPC shit is their way of skirting around the NPC garbage of Fallout 4 without actually doing anything, and that the community will be so toxic that it won't be worth trying after the first Steam sale.
The game isn't out and the community is already toxic? Good to know.

It "can be" single solo'd - as in not partnered up with anyone else.. but the game world is persistent and will still be effected by other players, thus the online piece is kind of integral. I've never understood this level of bitching.. if a different genre/entry isn't for you, don't play it and don't buy it. Why get all bent out of shape about it?

I said will be toxic. C'mon now. It won't be immediate, but it'll be rough. It'll get like Rust. But I do agree, my other points are valid.

Don't be so defensive. It's not bitching, it's stating a preference as a big fan of the series. I appreciate the press release quote and all-in optimism, but I will trust none of it until proven otherwise. Todd Howard Law. I should retract, though, the idea of online only being a problem. I'd be online anyway when playing it, and that's an unnecessary complaint. However, the notion of other people effecting the game world for solo players is the kind of thing that I believe will cause a level of toxicity (offline raids gonna be sweet). The lack of human NPCs is bullshit. THAT'S bitching. While I do, again, appreciate the idea of not playing something that I do have interest in, it seems unfair to harshly declare it's bitching. That's just mean, dude.

I will say anyone who buys it at launch is a sucker. I'll reevaluate any decision I make probably this time next year when shit gets fully ironed out.