Favourite Wrestling Games


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Some of my all time faves:

Tecmo Wrestling
Virtual Pro Wrestling 64
Virtual Pro Wrestling 2
No Mercy
Fire Pro Returns
King Of Colosseum II
Fire Pro: 6 Man Scramble(just because it was my first experience with the FP series.)

Spaceman Spiff

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I love me some N64 Aki games.

I gotta put VPW2 at the top - mask editor, shoot fighting, huge roster, bunch of legends, and had some pretty great matches (Misawa is a bitch to beat).

WCW/nWo Revenge ekes out No Mercy in 2nd due to the diversity in the roster - cruisers flying around, midcard guys bringing the workrate, and the ME guys brawling.

No Mercy slides in at 3rd. Some great stuff in here - ladder matches, cage matches, branching storyline.

I gotta get me an N64 & retrieve these games from my brother.

Kahran Ramsus

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Gotta go with Revenge on this one. Two main things put it over its WWF successors for me. First, the roster was much better, probably the best in any video game ever. WCW circa 1998 just had so much depth with wrestlers of all sorts of different styles and you even have the fun rip-offs of Japanese wrestlers. The only thing it is missing is Ric Flair. The second is the speed. Wrestlemania 2000 & No Mercy really felt like they were taxing the N64 and both games just seemed slow compared to Revenge.


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Psycho Penguin said:
Didn't Royal Rumble for Dreamcast only have the Rumble mode and nothing else?

I think it had exhibition matches too, but I'm not sure if those were just single matches or if there was anything else outside of that.


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BurningPirateShipSex said:

Saturday Night Slam Masters

I'm a huge Haggar mark. My buddy owned the japanese "Muscle Bomber: The Body Explosion" for SNES. We used to play through the co-op with the time limit set to infinity and take out one of the computers right away then torture the remaining one for as long as we dared. Then I played the arcade version once and it was so gods damned different. :'( Plus we were freaked out by the quote above from Mike sense we used to just joke that he would grab folks and say, "Want to go for a ride?"

"World Championship WRESTLING~!" for NES 8-bit. This was one of those games where you punched or kicked as fast as you could to "tire" the opponent out making them susceptible to a grapple. You picked 4 grapples out of 8 before the match and performed them with the direction pad and a meter that would empty and fill. You had to time the meter (kind of like golf games swing/power meter) to do more damage. This game was awesome as they just skinned random people as "Flair" or "Rotundo" etc. Suddenly you had Mike Rotundo doing fucking octupus hold as a finisher and shit. The last boss was basically Andre the giant with a Darth Vader mask and you couldn't grapple him. This game also had the most kick ass character select music. Oh, and in tag matches, when you were getting pinned, your partner flew in as a pure black shadowy silhouette to save you since they couldn't draw more than 2 dudes on the screen at once. ::)

Long, long ago I picked up WWF Wrestlemania: The Arcade Game for the Saturn cheap. Same buddy from Saturday Night Slam Masters loved the shit outta the commentary in that game. Vince saying, "It's a total debacle." was his favorite. One time it locked up while he was saying "debacle" and just kept looping it. I think he crapped his pants laughing. His favorite characters were the Undertaker (throwing ghosts and tombstones at people like they were Ken and Ryu fireballs) and Bam Bam Bigelow who was basically a frikken' fire elemental. He would jump off the top rope and turn completely to flames, burn through the opponent and then reform from the fiery ashes. :eek:

WWF Wrestlemania for SNES was kind of fun back in the day if you had a turbo pad. They had a rather limited set of grunts so it was fun to really wear down an opponent then just stomp on them like 22 times in a row pretending you were Demolition and hear them go "ugh ugh, augh, ugh, unh" as it cycled through the grunts. Plus you could give people a flying fucking atomic drop from inside the ring to the concrete!! It had everyone's entrance music in a not-quite-midi-but-better sound quality which was neat.

The only thing about wrestling games that has bugged me is general lack of "life meters." I understand why they do it and the philosophy but it would get old when you fuck around killing some computer character for like 30 minutes straight. Just mangling and mutilating the ever loving shit out of them, beating them with tables and 50 power bombs etc. etc. and they randomly kick out of shit anyway! ;D


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Steel Cage Challenge wasn't that good. It was "OK", but I think all the wrestlers played exactly the same in it. I don't think there were finishers or anything either. The cage matches in those early '90s WWF games were never well executed either. I remember I had the Game Boy version of the same game, and your guy simply by climbing to the top of the cage. Kind of anti-climactic.

I think Wrestlecrap or some place had a write up about that, saying something like "Do you want to be a technician and slowly pick your opponent apart with Bret Hart? Or maybe power your way to victory with Sid? IT DOESN'T MATTER WHO YOU PICK BECAUSE THEY'RE ALL THE SAME!"

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Yeah, HCTP was the high water mark for the series. Of the SD vs. Raw series, 2006 holds up the strongest, but not by much. Shut Your Mouth had the best story mode of the bunch, though.

I can't be the only one who thought "Raw is War" from 1994 on 16-bitters was a good time.


I about crapped myself w/ excitement as a 10 year old thumbing through a GamePro when I saw a two-page Royal Rumble SNES ad. I didn't have an SNES but was able to get one a month or so later and talked my mom into dropping $70 for Royal Rumble to go w/ it. Just awesome hip tossing fools miles away and pulling off finishers. Raw was also fun a year later but was basically a clone of Royal Rumble (which was a clone of Super WrestleMania w/o finishers and RR mode).

As for today, I play FPR a couple times per month. If I'm not doing a battle royal or 8-man royal rumble, I'm usually doing 4-on-4 survivor series matches. Sometimes w/ tags and others w/ no tags w/ over-the-top as a 3rd way of elimination.

Also count me in on the camp that preferred WM2000 over No Mercy. The lag of having 4 men on the screen in No Mercy was just too much . . w/ or w/o a ladder. Plus, WM2000 had that awesome Team Rumble mode where 4 teams of 4 EXPLODE until only ONE TEAM IS STANDING!!!


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Yeah, WWF RAW on SNES was awesome. I remember how you could bump into the ref, and if you beat him up enough, he would wave his hands and leave the ring! I believe this was the first WWF game to have a chair you could use outside the ring as well.

I remember getting the secret super moves for the wrestlers out of a gaming magazine. Shawn Michaels had this thing where he's jump into the air and kind of do a merry go round drop kick. Diesel would throw his opponent way up into the air, and stuff like that.


Royal Rumble had the chairs too. I was always partial to taking out the referee and then Flairing it up with eye gouges & chokes aplenty before he got back up.

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I remember really getting a kick out of all the old NES / Game Boy WWF games, but I really hated King of the Ring. Everyone looked awful, controlled terribly, and the gameplay seemed to move very slow. I think the computer usually kicked my ass too.

For the SNES era, I remember badly wanting Royal Rumble for my 12th birthday but the game cost something like $102 (before tax!) Canadian at Toys R Us. Come to think of it, I think that's what I paid (after taxes) for either No Mercy or WrestleMania 2000. Cartridges, I miss you, but I also don't. Back to Royal Rumble, I rented it many times that Summer and thoroughly enjoyed using Crush to bodyslam Yokozuna as a preview of what I was sure would happen on the Intrepid. I remember my friends and I would always try to have what - if it were to happen in 'real life' - the worst Royal Rumble match possible by clearing the ring one by one seconds after someone would enter. I'm not sure what happened to the price of games between 1993 and 1994 or why Royal Rumble cost so much, but Raw was much more affordable and was a Christmas present. The Megamoves were great fun, though I know a few times I wasn't paying attention and would completely sap Owen's power by doing his Zangief spin. I liked Doink's punt, Kid's turnbuckle leap, and the glitch that made Luna morph into the Kid and copy his move. Though I did this with the Game Boy games too, I specifically remember using these two games to take in some awesome wrestling entrance music in midi format.

People have already talked highly of the N64 games and beyond, but did anyone ever play the North American version of Toukon Retsuden known as "Power Move Pro Wrestling"? I don't remember much about the gameplay, but I recall the presentation of the game being awesome, especially for the time. Everyone was fictional but they had neat ring introductions with an announcer, something completely new to the wrestling game genre.


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I never played Power Move...I got WCW Vs The World when I bought my Playstation back in '97 or whenever it was. That was actually a very solid game for its time. Only downside was that you could only do singles matches, but they had some cool tournament modes and stuff. You could make up your own titles, too. I loved being Harley (Sabu) in that game.


Power Move was fun for its time. My memories are foggy, but I loved the outdoor arena as well as The Commandant. IIRC, I also remember being impressed you could ram your opponent's head in the turnbuckle.

cran da maniac

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Power Move was a fun game. I remember buying it because I read that it was what the Smackdown game was based off of. I loved playing as the Zombie and The Egyptian and kicking the shit out of people.

Also, I see the love for HCTP, but no love for Smackdown 2?


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Don't know if I have a favorite, per-say.

But the first wrestling game that I ever played was "WWF Rage in the Cage" for the Sega CD.

I just liked hearing the voices of Howard Finkel and the wrestlers before the match began.

Though having a game with 3 Tag Teams (Nasty Boys, Headshrinkers, Money Inc.) and no tag matches was just...yeah.

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daileyxplanet said:
Watching the Revenge intro makes me wonder. Who the heck was hopping on one foot with their head cocked to the side?

(my 1st ever wrestling related post on these boards)

Roddy Piper. These N64 video games were what got me interested in pro wrestling as a teenager.

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Yeah, I think watching the Starrcade DVD and seeing that match was the first time I was able to put Piper's taunt and a real action together.


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my fav wrestling game is a text-based manager style game called Extreme Warfare Revenge. you get to control your fav fed and book and run it how you see fit.


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Oh man, I remember "Rage in the Cage". One of my best friends had that, as he was also the only person I've ever known who actually owned a Sega CD (and the 32X, to boot). I remember thinking, "Who the hell wants to play as Brian Knobbs in a singles match?" Overall I remember the graphics and sound being pretty good for the time, though. The cage matches themselves were the usual lame ass "climb to the top of the cage to win" variety, though.


Adam said:
I remember at TOTSM there was an EWR/TEW thread. That was cool.
Along the same lines I kinda dug Adam Ryland's other text based game Wrestling Spirit. Yeah I sucked at it as I do pretty much every video game in the history of man, but there seemed to be something deeper about this game. As if there were more things to strategeize than your typical console game, even if my strategies resulted in me getting demolished in humiliating time.