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Ported from the Forumer board:

Posted by: Dobbs3K April 03, 2009 05:21 pm
Since this was brought up on the old board, I thought I'd post about it here. Don't know if anyone follows Fire Pro anymore, but there had been a rumor started that there were a couple new Fire Pro games coming out. This started at Anyway, the whole thing turned out to be big hoax on the part of one or two posters there. Kind of amusing in some ways, but also stupid and pathetic in others, due to how quickly the rumors spread.

Just wondering if anyone else was following this stuff.

Posted by: dubq April 03, 2009 05:23 pm
It's really dumb due to their reasoning. This was their way to get people excited about Fire Pro again and create a movement that developers would get wind of and maybe think it's a good idea to make another Fire Pro game.

Totally the wrong way to go about it. 100% ass-backwards. Lying to your community is not the way you start a grass-roots movement.

Posted by: Dobbs3K April 03, 2009 05:26 pm
Yeah...I think the whole "we wanted to motivate the community" thing was just an excuse after the fact, though. I think it was just meant to be an April Fool's joke, but it just spun out of control really quickly. The fact that they didn't nip it in the bud after that is the really bad part. There hasn't been any mention of trying to start any kind of "movement" towards a new game since this was all revealed anyway.

Posted by: dubq April 03, 2009 05:29 pm
Needless to say it looks like the FPC has their own share of internets-destroying dramah, much like we did the other day. wink.gif

Posted by: Dobbs3K April 03, 2009 05:54 pm
Yeah...I guess I don't get why people aren't a little more pissed over there. Maybe the shock of the hoax has already worn off I guess.

It sucks there's not another Fire Pro game to look forward to, though.

Posted by: dubq April 03, 2009 06:03 pm
I was pretty pissed because I defended him to everyone who called it a hoax in the beginning. Now I feel like douche for believing him and defending him. =\

Posted by: Dobbs3K April 03, 2009 06:43 pm
Yeah, I get what you mean.

I guess I don't understand why people think those two should get a free pass. This was way over the line for a supposed April Fools prank.

Posted by: Aero April 03, 2009 06:48 pm
Yeah, to say I'm disappointed is an understatement.

Who else was involved besides SonnyBone?

Posted by: Dobbs3K April 03, 2009 06:49 pm
MDK. That's probably it.

Posted by: Hawkius Maximus April 03, 2009 07:10 pm
I've been involved in the Fire Pro community since 1996. I don't play Fire Pro much, but still, I follow it.

Things didn't add up from the get go. It felt too good to be true. And then there was literally no discussion on Japanese sites about it. And then there's the fact that the Japanese arcade (as this was stated to be on) does not have *ANY* titles that we do not. It's the other way around. We have titles Japan's Arcade does not.

Myself, and the poster here Stevie both suspected it was a hoax from day one. However, we stopped actively pursuing it since we didn't think anyone would be that fucking stupid.

We were wrong. It's sad what that community has become. Most people were all "OH GOOD JOKE~!" despite the fact that sites around the world were crediting them for it. In the olden days, SonnyBone would have been banned and his name would have gone down in infamy.

His whole "motivation" was just cover. The joke got out of hand. People were buying stuff for this. The aforementioned sites were crediting FPC. So, he tried to bullshit his way out of it. Life does not work that way.

He got people's hopes up and then crushed them. To me, he is about the worst person you can be. You don't fucking fuck with people's hopes.

Posted by: Dobbs3K April 03, 2009 09:43 pm
Yeah, I totally agree. I don't consider myself really a member of the "Fire Pro Community", but I did post there occasionally and started posting there a lot when this news came out a couple weeks ago.

I actually called him on the fact that his "announcement" was going to fall on April Fool's Day, and him and a bunch of other posters jumped on me for that.

That's the really lame part...a bunch of people went to bat for him and were made to look like chumps. Just stupid all around. I guess Sonny has "exiled" himself, but MDK is still around, which is bullshit. I called him out in a couple threads and he tries to dance around it. Really lame.

Posted by: dubq April 03, 2009 09:45 pm
Yah, pretty much. I made the comparison it's like thinking you've won the lottery, planning on what you're gonna do with the money, and then finding out your ticket was a misprint.

Also, not for nothing, but the Japanese PSN does have a ton of games we don't have over here, including Fire Pro G. I assume you were talking about 360 when you said the arcade?

Posted by: Dobbs3K April 03, 2009 09:47 pm
No, I have a PS3. I bought a yen card and bought FPG with it (obviously have some yen left over). I'm not really mad about that part...more angry that something I've witnessed since the mid '90s (I posted on the old Fire Pro mailing list and have been playing since 6MS on Saturn) has turned into something so lame.

Posted by: dubq April 03, 2009 10:16 pm
Yup, it sux teh donkey balls! But hey - let's all go talk about our favourite wrestling video games right here:

Posted by: Dobbs3K April 03, 2009 10:46 pm
I can't believe there's still people over there crying over Sonny. I guess they like being bent over on a routine basis or something.

Posted by: Precious Roy April 04, 2009 12:25 am
I'll ask this here because I've seen conflicting information elsewhere...

Can I play the US released PS2 Fire Pro on a 40gb PS3?

Most of what I've read says no, but some people say yes w/ a few caveats, and I figure someone here has to know


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Roy, I'm not sure about the 40GB model but the game works fine on my 80GB and I think that has limited BWC.


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I wouldn't know. I know Fire Pro Returns (US release) won't run on my 80GB PS3, but that one isn't backwards compatible with PS2 games anyway.


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Guys, I know a lot of people will think it's futile, but I put a link to an online petition asking Spike to consider making a new Fire Pro game. Maybe, possibly, something good could come out of this whole stupid hoax thing. I know it's probably an empty attempt, but it can't hurt to try, right?

Hawkius Maximus

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Petitions never work. Let alone to a Japanese publisher who has never really cared about it's English fans, who doesn't make money off these games.

Now is not the time for Wrestling games to come out, really on either side of the Pacific. Japan's slowly bouncing back thanks to New Japan, DRAGON GATE, and so on, but it's no where near strong enough. MMA's not even strong enough over there to support games.

I hate to say it, but I think Fire Pro is dead. Atleast until a few more years when Spike decides to try again, which I'm sure they will at some point.


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Well, I just figure doing nothing ensures nothing gets done...doing something at least gives this thing a chance, even if it is a very small one. You're right, it would probably be more likely in a year or two down the line if the wrestling business picks up a bit more (especially in understanding is that MMA isn't even doing that well there right now).