Future Hall of Famers


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Any sports but let's tyr to avoid talking about the easy ones (ie. Manning, Duncan, Kobe etc.).

- Gary Sheffield is a tough but will likely fall under the steroid cloud which will keep him out.
- Frank Thomas should be a lock in my book.
- Curt Schilling should go in but may have to wait a few years.

- Ray Allen will be close but there are guys not in yet who should go in before him.
- Dirk Nowitzki is another tough one but he'll make it in eventually.
- Steve Nash should be a lock.
- Paul Pierce needs another ring to become a lock but will still likely get in.

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The name that came to mind when I read the topic was Mike Mussina.


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I'll come back to this with my picks, but I'm going to select a list from players no older than 26 years.


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For football, the following players have chances if they continue their careers.

- K Adam Vinatieri: Has 4 SB Rings(!) and has made 82.1% of his FG in his career. Argued as the most clutch kicker in postseason history. This is the one guy I'm intrigued by, given the reluctance for P Ray Guy to get in thus far.
- LB Brian Urlacher: Big knock is he hasn't won a ring. Has 37.5 sacks and 17 INT in his career. Has an outside chance at the 25-25 club.
- LB Keith Bulluck: Big knock is he hasn't won a ring. On the cusp of joining the 20-20 club (18 sacks, 16 INT) but doesn't get the same media exposure as other LB like Ray Lewis or Urlacher. Could be a Hall of Very Good player depending on how his career winds up.
- S Rodney Harrison: Has 2 SB Rings and 30.5 sacks with 34 INT. Being "the dirtiest player in the game" may or may not hurt him with the media though.


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Your Favorite Weapon said:
The name that came to mind when I read the topic was Mike Mussina.
Do you think he's first ballot? Plenty of current guys should go in before him.


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Chipper Jones and John Smoltz. Neither is a lock I think, but both really should make it.


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Barry Larkin--I'm not sure. He really deserved more gold gloves as Ozzie Smith was just winning on reputation near the end. The fact that I'm from cincy may cloud my perspective. His offensive stats are good for a shortstop, and he really was a transitional type of player along with Ripken, helping to move SS to a more offense oriented position. I would probably vote him in


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Now wait a minute. Paul Pierce's run coincides what with several Celtics fans here have called "the dark ages." Never mind that they had a few playoff runs in those dark ages, if they were that bad that everything between Bird and Garnett is never to be spoken of again, how is Paul Pierce special enough to deserve the Hall of Fame?

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Brett Favre- Has virtually all of the numbers, the streak, a title, legendary QB.
Peyton Manning- Better than Favre.
Marvin Harrison- Despite Canton's prejudice against WRs, he's all-time top five at worst.
Ray Guy- Eventually, they'll realize how retarded it is to not have the best player in the history of the league at his given position excluded. Punting matters.
Tom Brady- Already there with the superbowl wins and that pretty good season he had where they didn't win the superbowl.


I don't think Dirk's a tough choice at all. 23/9 with shooting percentages of 47/38/87 for his career, eight times all-star, three times first-team All-NBA, and an MVP. As far as I know, there are no MVP winners who are eligible and not in the Hall. He's also led a team that's made a Finals appearance, and for the better part of the last decade has been a championship threat more often than not. He'll also go over 20,000 points next season, and only two eligible players have scored 20,000 and not been elected (Tom Chambers and Mitch Richmond).