Gale Sayers Dead at 77


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A lot of people know of Sayers in relation to his 6 TD (correct me if I'm wrong) effort on that muddy field but his highlights really were crazy for the time period and a guy who's kind of underrated a bit when talking about the history of RBs.



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Looked it up for fun:
Bears record w/ Sayers:

7-6-1 (Papa Bear retires as coach)
1-13 (Sayers hits 1000 yards anyway)
6-8 (Sayers rushes for just 53 yards in 2 games as injuries mount)
6-8 (Sayers again is hurt. 2 games, 38 yards)

Somewhat comparable to John Brockington, who came in right as Sayers was finishing up. Brockington became the 1st player to ever rush for 1000 yards 3 straight years, so the Packers signed him to a long guaranteed contract and his play vanished almost right away. He wound up traded a few years later, just to get the 150K a year off the books.


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@BruiserBrody I actually have a signed picture of Brockington. Didn't know much about him before, but a family member met him several years ago and got the pic for me.

Anyways, Gale Sayers was my dad's all-time favorite player, and he and my grandfather used to gush about him. I also watched Brian's Song a few times growing up, which was a great movie. RIP.