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The first time I play the Dreamcast was at Sam's Club in Ontario. They had a system set up with Sonic Adventure and NBA 2K. I was blow away with graphics in both games. That Christmas I got the system those games and Soul Calibur and Hydro Thunder. The Dreamcast got great ports of Capcom arcade games like Marvel vs Capcom, SNK vs. Capcom, and Street Fighter 3. Even though EA didn't support the system, Visual Concepts released 2K games in NHL, MLB, NBA, and NFL. Two WWF games were on the system; WWF Attitude and Royal Rumble.

The Dreamcast was the first system to have a modem ship with it. The system came with a web browser on a disc. In order to get an updated browser, you had get another CD with the newer software.

I played Daytona USA online using dial up. It was awesome.

The Dreamcast only lasted two years as the Playstation 2 was launched. The PS2 had more advanced hardware and a DVD drive. DVD's were starting to come on the market and DVD players were expensive. Many people bought PS2's because it could play games and movies.

After the Dreamcast ceased production, Sega got out of the console business. Many of their games show up on current platforms.

It was a great system.


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I had a Dreamcast and probably played it more than any other system junior and senior year of high school, with the possible exception of the Nintendo 64. This was mainly due to FirePro. My brother played the shit out of Shenmue, which I never got into, as well as Phantasy Star.

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I was so happy that Christmas morning in 1999 getting one of these. I was a huge Sega loyalist back in the day (while my brother was all in on Nintendo) so I thought the Dreamcast was exactly what Sega needed for them to rule the video game world. I got it bundled with Marvel vs Capcom and got Sonic Adventure a week or two later.

Then less than 2 years later, Sega announces it's discontinuing the Dreamcast and hasn't produced a gaming console since. Welp, so much for that. I still think the VMU (their memory card you can also utilize as a handheld console/tamaugochi) was awesome and wondered why another company never really utilized it.

Dreamcast had some damn good titles though: MvC, Crazy Taxi, POWERSTONE, Jet Grind Radio, NBA2K, Soul Calibur etc.

My most embarrassing purchase for DC was either Blue Stinger (a really bad, awkward Resident Evil clone involving dinosaurs and no not on the 'Dino Crisis' level) or KISS Psycho Circus (you won that round, Gene Simmons!)

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The little system that tried. I absolutely loved this thing and still have a lot of nostalgia for it. Soul Calibur, IMO, holds up better to repeat playthroughs than any of the modern renditions. Sonic Adventure hasn't aged well, but that first level was unbelievable for the time. Sega Bass Fishing, with the fishing controller, is some of the best fishing you can find, still to this day. Seaman, from a technical standpoint, is still an incredible achievement in gaming AI. I recently parted with my system and collection, but I will always have positive memories of it.