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Yeah. We haven't heard from Coffey in a long time. Last I saw of him, his facebook picture was him with a thought bubble of pizza. I think he got fired from a pizza joint that his aunt and uncle ran or something.


The only worthwhile thing I remember Val Venis ever being a part of was a pretty good match with D-Lo Brown at SummerSlam in '98. Kinda sucks for the guy that he got saddled with what was basically the Attitude era equivalent to the '90s WWF cliche of guys who wrestle as a second job, but it's not like he wasn't given plenty of opportunities to transcend the stupid gimmick that they gave him initially.

King Kamala

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Val Venis has changed his name to Kaptain Kannibis and is a 9/11 Truther with a YouTube show where he reviews marijuana strains. So I guess he's turned out better than approximately 95% of the dudes from the Attitude Era. :)


50 is a weird age to start dressing up like a member of the Kottonmouth Kings though :/

Isn't he an ARIZONA MAN? Baby Shoes, please go hang out with Val Venis/Kaptain Kannibis.

Baby Shoes

Baby Shoes
I was sad when I found out I missed an autograph signing with him and RELLIK at a Home Depot across town a few years back.

I swear I read somewhere that he is so gung ho on weed because he had some medical condition that he feels is all better since he started smoking.

I think he works indy shows around here, so I will start the hunt for the Kaptain.

Sex Machine Gun

I would see his Facebook posts years ago and he was already going on about a lot of this stuff. Big time anti-government guy. Taxes, civil liberties, and the war on drugs were pretty much all he'd talk about.


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Kahran Ramsus said:
They had something with Val Venis in 2000 when he was with Trish Stratus, but then they screwed it up by putting him in Right to Censor.

I thought that was when he was a generic bore.

Baby Shoes

Baby Shoes

Apparently his place is called Health 4 Life Dispensaries and is in Mesa, Arizona. This is getting more real.


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Right in Sheriff Joe's jurisdiction. Wonder what kind of relationship they have with the cops?
So....Val Venis has some (problematic) thoughts on Nyla Rose:




Baby Shoes

Baby Shoes
Cody did a conference call today where he called Val the “Disco Inferno of the WWE” saying no one wanted or cared for his opinion and to stop paying attention to him so he will go away



Oh Val, just stop.

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Val has the crazy eyes now. :( Too much time smoking weed and living in Arizona (no offense, Baby Shoes) has rotted his brain.

I have a feeling we're going to get InfoWars Val Venis in the ring at some point. Definitely not for AEW or WWE but I feel like Impact or MLW or maybe even Joey Janela will bring him back for a run to rile everyone up.

"The ol' Valbowski doesn't need any blue pills. He just needs the redpill, you liberal cucks!"

*hip swivel*
Dude climbing a clocktower and popping people while swiveling and shouting QAnon rhetoric in the Venis growl before busting out the Money Shot on the cops below is gonna be something next month.

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Canadian Destroyer213
So, Val Venis was booked for a pot convention in Atlantic City in June. There will also be 4 wrestling shows happening in conjunction with the convention. Val was booked by one of those companies, Stand Alone Wrestling. SAW was called out due to Val being a crazy Q transphobe. The company DM'd the woman that called them out and doubled down showing they're run by pieces of shit. I quote tweeted her posting the DM and Val decided to QT me saying that asking for transphobes to be held accountable is communism. How's your morning going?


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Full disclosure: I am in negotiations to do a swivel off with Val Venis at the next Limitless event on IWTV in March.

Limitless was first indy to unbook Michael Elgin. There's no way that they would book a human piece of garbage like Val. Although they did book Teddy Hart for a while...