Getting Down to Business.

Posting this because it's sad how far Greenwald (and Matt Taibi) have fallen. Greenwald did one good thing (defending Edward Snowden) and at one point was a good journalist, but he's spent the Trump years letting his hatred for establishment Dems* rot his brain, not to mention regularly appearing on Tucker Carlson because showing up on the program for a legit white supremacist is a great way to legitimize yourself.Also, this:

*not that there's anything wrong with hating establishment Dems, as I will dance in joy if more progressive options replace Schumer and Pelosi.
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Voted against a candidate in a local race because I thought he was a local racist. Appears I'm wrong, he's the son of the racist. Today I found out he was circulating a nude photo of a woman that was shot in the face (survived) by her jealous husband when he found out the photo was being circulated. So, still glad I voted against him. (His opponent is mailing out copies of the victim's photo, blurred naughty parts, with a copy of the newspaper article).


A somebody who has spent the last 2 years working in/around the Wilmington area...nobody from that region is fucking "street smart." You drop that suburban wannabe tough guy off in Lowell and he's pissing his pants, let alone what happens if he's dumped in Brockton, Fall River, or [insert Rhode Island city].

Glad he's butthurt. Fuck him.


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