How fast is your internet connection?

go to and post your results.

Here's my shitty net connection...


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Eh, it's right in there. Not too fast, not too slow.

For those of you who think your net's slow even though the connection's fast, it's probably just your computer. Processor speed has a lot to do with how well the net works on your computer.


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No shut the fuck up I live amongst Kangaroos with COPPER WIRE CABLE INTERNET not fucking OPTIC FIBRE
I can't figure out why my connection is such a piece of shit. I go to one of the big public universities in my state and I still have this shit connection. Not cool.


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Looks like Harley and I are the only FiOS people here so far. I dunno about you but I HIGHLY recommend FiOS to everyone who has it available in their areas. I just got in Friday and the Picture quality of both SD and HD is stunning compared to Cox, and the internet is blazing also.


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I'm pretty sure this isn't right.

I have a 20 meg connection and nothing else is running right now.


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My problem is that I need to find out how to take full advantage of this, as I usually cannot download faster than 2 megs... and of course that wack ass PowerBoost slows the download halfway through... and the rare times I use Azureus, I don't get more than 750 Kb on the download.

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Jaxxxson Mayhem said:
foleyfanforever88 said:

Wow, I thought mine was slow.

How the hell does your school kick my school's ass?


That's also technically fairly slow, because it's 12pm on a Tuesday and thus the school's net is busy as hell. I should do this again on a weekend or when I'm closing.