How fast is your internet connection?


I finally changed this.
Vitamin X said:
Jaxxxson Mayhem said:
foleyfanforever88 said:

Wow, I thought mine was slow.

How the hell does your school kick my school's ass?


That's also technically fairly slow, because it's 12pm on a Tuesday and thus the school's net is busy as hell. I should do this again on a weekend or when I'm closing.

Now that's impressive.

With 3 torrents going, I'm perfectly happy with it.


Integral Poster works for me, I guess. Charter has a 20 meg service now, but I see no possible reason to get it, at least right now. Plus my service bill is high enough as it is, between cable, phone, and internet.


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Here are some pretty fast internet speeds:

Sweden has fucking fast internet, dunno why though. And that's with a shitload of ping. This is off a home computer.

Ditto Ohio.

University of New York.

University of WISCONSIN

This guy works of Sony America. That's fucking insane speeds.