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This was the first season since 1994 that both #1 seeds in the NBA playoffs (Philadelphia and Utah) were eliminated before the conference finals. Seattle, of course, famously lost in the first round to the Denver Nuggets as the #1 overall seed, while Atlanta, top seed in the East for the first time, lost in 6 games to Indiana, which prior to that season had never won a playoff series since the ABA merger.

However, since 2000, there have only been three instances where both #1 seeds made it to the Finals.

Lakers/Pacers, 2000
Celtics/Lakers, 2008
Warriors/Cavs, 2016

Since the playoffs expanded to 16 teams in 1984, these are the #1's who were eliminated prior to the conference finals.

LA Lakers, 1990 (lost 4-1 to Phoenix, 2nd round)
Seattle, 1994 (lost 3-2 to Denver, 1st round)
Atlanta, 1994 (lost 4-2 to Indiana, 2nd round)
Miami, 1999 (lost 3-2 to New York, 1st round)
San Antonio, 2006 (lost 4-3 to Dallas, 2nd round)
Dallas, 2007 (lost 4-2 to Golden State, 1st round)
Cleveland, 2010 (lost 4-2 to Boston, 2nd round)
San Antonio, 2011 (lost 4-2 to Memphis, 1st round)
Chicago, 2012 (lost 4-2 to Philadelphia, 1st round)
Oklahoma City, 2013 (lost 4-1 to Memphis, 2nd round)
Toronto, 2018 (lost 4-0 to Cleveland, 2nd round)
Milwaukee, 2020 (lost 4-1 to Miami, 2nd round)
Utah, 2021 (lost 4-2 to LA Clippers, 2nd round)
Philadelphia, 2021 (lost 4-3 to Atlanta, 2nd round)

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Mitch Richmond didn't comb his hair for the entire 1991-92 NBA season because he was so depressed over having to play for the SacKings.

Damn. No wonder why Slim stopped rooting for these guys. Outside of the first half of the '00s, Sacramento really is basketball hell.

I thought the SacKings getting blown out by the Warriors by 61 points during Richmond's first game was a stereotypical retired athlete exaggeration but they actually lost by 62!


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Really cool that Zack Clayton played baseball, and what we now recognize as Major League Baseball at that.

The automatic safety looked like it wasn't exactly planned. The punter couldn't get the kick off and then made a judgment call.


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I read that yesterday. It's interesting to me how one person can take what others may view as disappointment in stride and live fulfilling lives. And others reach great heights but spiral out of control.

What the article left unmentioned though is whether Larry knows his wife had an out of wedlock child with Patton Oswalt.


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Following his brief, disappointing, but lucrative detour to the WFL, Kiick stated that he wanted to join Csonka with the New York Giants, but Giants coach Bill Arnsparger, who had been Miami's defensive coordinator, was opposed because he was concerned Kiick would be a bad influence on Csonka.[19] So he returned to the NFL in a back-up role for the Denver Broncos in 1976. He rushed 32 times for 115 yards and one touchdown, and caught 12 passes for 92 yards and a touchdown. Kiick was released during the 1977 regular season and missed out on the Broncos' playoff run to Super Bowl XII. (On the same day he was released by the Broncos, his house burned down and he got divorced.)[20] He was then picked up by the Washington Redskins on December 1,[21] but Kiick played in just one game for them, was waived in June 1978,[22] and then retired.


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Gastineau lost to Tim "Doc" Anderson by a lopsided five-round unanimous decision in June 1992. Anderson later claimed that Parker offered him money to take a dive.

They had a rematch in December 1992, and Gastineau won by a sixth-round knockout. After the fight, Anderson insisted that he was drugged by Parker. He said he was light-headed, nauseous and hallucinating during the bout. A year and a half later, Anderson shot Parker dead.

Also this....