Matches You Didn't Think Existed


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I've cited this match a few times when Garza comes up. The WWF mag tried to give the luchadores a nice write up and talked about how Garza was "the Mexican Shawn Michaels" and then THAT booking happens.

At worst they should have done tags and had him working the newly forming Body Donnas, Rockers, Owen/Bulldog, etc

I believe I was disappointed when he showed up in WCW a few months later but remained a fan.

I know I have in one of my fantasy booking notebooks from the time a WWF where Mark Henry is WWF champ in 1997 and Cybernetico/Pierroth are tag champs.

King Kamala

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I knew Leon Spinks dabbled in rasslin during his hard fall to the gutter (Inoki defending that quasi MMA belt that stemmed from the Ali debacle against him, an FMW cameo) but I just looked at his Cagematch profile. He did THREE lengthy tours of FMW from '91 to '93 plus he wrestled Jerry Lawler at the Mid South Coliseum in 1990.