MLB Regular Season 2020


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Rosenthal just tweeted that the Mets have no reason to worry for Cespedes's safety. Hopefully that is true.


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At this point MLB has played 220 games. MLB teams have used 549 different pitchers. That would have been a record in any year prior to 1995. In less than three weeks.

BABIP is at its lowest point since 1972. Strikeouts are at an all time high (again).


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Tomorrow‘s game too. I am guessing it was Nick Senzel because while the rest of the team was lining up for the victory celebration at the end of the game, he walked off the field by himself dejected and tossed his glove on the top of the dugout. Now that could be because he is upset about anyone testing positive, or it could be because of his performance or anything really. Manager David Bell just said in the postgame that Senzel was dealing with “something personal and internal with Nick and our team that we’ll have more information on coming up.”


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The dude basically called Tatis out for not doing the take sign and swinging away on 3-0 because they, "don't want to run up the score," in baseball where every player has a chance to plate 1 run with a single swing of the bat. San Diego won 14-4 in that game by the way.

What a sensitive pansy. Fuck the other team. If they don't want to allow a grand slam, walk the batter.


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They should walk Tatis. 107 career games and he has 33 home runs, 21 stolen bases, an even 1.000 OPS. He's still 21 years old and he's a shortstop to boot.


I despise the whole, "we don't want to run the score up..." bullshit.

Complete soft loser mentality. Run it up. If they can't get an out, too bad. The other team needs to either decide to walk him or try and get an out.

If I'm the GM, I'm fining the coach for conduct detrimental to the team. Not trying to score as many runs as possible is detrimental. The goal is to win.

I've seen enough minor league games where a massive lead doesn't ensure a victory.

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This epitomizes why baseball has fallen to third most popular sport in USA and might fall down to fourth in near future. Culture of the sport is so god damn square and outdated


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Obviously it's a dumb complaint no matter the score, but 10-3 isn't even that big of a blowout.
This right here (and really, everything everyone has said so far, FUCK baseball is stupid). A 7 run lead late is very safe, but it's not insurmountable. I would imagine there's a 7+ run comeback in the 7th or later every season. Really you should be allowed to go all out in any situation, but if the score is 27-3 then maybe I'd have more understanding. A guy swings on a 3-0 count with a 7 run lead, and this is such an egregious offense that it warrants throwing behind the next batter? Fuck off. Remember that 30-3 game between Texas and I think Baltimore? I don't remember Baltimore throwing at batters every time the Rangers scored.

The 'unwritten rules of baseball' are AIDS.

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Still can't believe that's the game I saw in person at Oriole Park. Anyway it was still a save situation, so the Rangers were obliged to try hard.