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I love Barboza's because he literally turned Etim into a statue but the way that Impa's eyes roll back in his head like Undertaker and the five second delay before he takes the plunge.....oh my lord. If it isn't the GOAT KO, it's easily in the top five ever.

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Not that you really needed yet another reason to want Lawler to send him to the shadow realm but unfortunately we won't get to see that. Hopefully his replacement does the job.
I didn’t see the Fight but I saw a streamable Link to the end of the second where he took some heavy punches and stayed standing. Not the best defence but a helluva chin. I think it’s too late for this guy to develop the striking, but they’ll probably build him up to get ktfo by a prospect down the line.


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Jake Hager only won a split decision against a guy nobody's ever heard of.

Looks like he'd be fighting Chris Condo, Travis Fulton, or Brad Koehler on the undercard of a 1999 UFC show.

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So... what are the chances that a twenty-one year-old kid, who dropped out of high school to focus on MMA, and has a full arm sleeve tattoo of an American flag and the Statue of Liberty, isn't full-blown MAGA?

If she were a dude, would this even be a question?
Arlovski has won three of his last four, including a fight where he was a big underdog against a young prospect.

I am definitely working myself into believing in a Cinderella Man run here. But seriously, this guy’s career is under appreciated. He’s been out of his prime for like ten years, still relevant. He fought in the UFC in 2000!


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Arlovski is a weird case of someone's chin improving as he got older. I always like and root for him even when it seemed like his career was close to toast. I think in heavyweight dudes are always a few impressive performances away from getting a title shot, so never say never to him going on a Glover type badass old man run. It seems like a longshot, but I'm rooting for the Pitbull.