Mr. Potato Head has gone gender neutral

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Baby Shoes
To clarify, I guess they still will have individual pieces labeled as such but the overall product line is now a gender neutral label for inclusivity.

Can’t wait to hear about the conservatives rambling about desexing our potatoes.

King Kamala

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Maybe it's not an effort to be more inclusive but to more accurately depict potatoes. I'm sure we'll get a lot of unnecessary hot takes (perhaps some ITT) after this announcement.

Hawk 34

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I’m just jealous of the myriad of customization options available now. I’m fairly sure our options in OUR DAY was basically limited to a few pieces.

Congratulations on this new advancement in toy potato heads to all the young children and weird adults.


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Don't care about the "political" aspect, but a minor issue for me is how the cadence feels off now; "Potato Head" just doesn't roll off the tongue as well for me without those two syllables in front of it. It's like when WWE establishes a wrestler with a full name for awhile before Vince's brain short-circuits again and declares "No he's just 'Robert' now dammit!"

Also "potato head" sounds like a Victorian-era insult for the Irish ("You bloody potato head!")