Old School Observations/Questions Thread 2020-21


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Maybe I'm seeing a different video but it sure looked like cooperative choreography to me...and it looked like it entertained the audience. Of course, I've already said at least a few times how the idea that flips, high spots, gimmicks, masks, yadda yadda are at all new/recent is not really correct.


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Interesting how some fans take the "exposes the business" comment to mean "fast-paced sequences" instead of the "obviously cooperating" thing it's supposed to mean.

Regardless, though, the indie applause stance works when it's done after a genuinely good sequence.
Part of the issue is that the "sequence" is usually like 4-6 specific moves sprinkled with maybe a particular wrestler's move.

Irish Whip - Shoulder Block - Run Over Dropped Opponent - Duck Under Leafrog - Dodge "Big Move" maybe via Cartwheel/Handspring - Put Opponent on Ground (Dropkick/Wheel Kick/Clothesline/etc.) - Legdrop Misses via Situp/"Sidekick" Misses via Dodge - Kip Up - Dropkick - Lateral Fall gets 1 - Stand Up and "Bare Knuckle" Pose

RVD/Lynn do a variation here from 5:10-5:35 but it never feels like they are close to connecting on any of the moves themselves so it all seems showy.