OOTP 18 - Releasing Beta 3/20 Monday, Official 3/24


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I usually don't pre-order, this time I did. Negro league players are coming this year, a huge addition.

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Re: OOTP 18

Will have to look at this in greater detail later. Every time I see OOTP pop up, I think Harry Potter


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Also pre-ordered, crazy to think I've been playing this series since OOTP 4. Also like that Federal Leagues will be an unaffiliated league in 1914-1915 if you play Historical Leagues.

You can now make MLB into Futbol/Soccer! "Yes, team promotion / relegation between leagues is a new feature. Essentially you can, for each unaffiliated league, define several related rules, i.e. how many teams get promoted / demoted (you can define X by league, sub league or division) or to which league they get moved. Now, when the season is over, you can have the game automatically handle the promotion / relegation (based on your settings) or easily select the teams individually (for example if you have played an exhibition tournament to determine the teams). And yes, the AI is aware about its situation in terms of its chances of promotion / relegation and acts accordingly."


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Re: OOTP 18

The following leagues and seasons will be included when "OOTP 18" ships, and more will be added later in free updates:

— Negro American League: 1937 through 1950
— Negro National League: 1920 through 1948 (except 1932)
— Negro East-West League: 1932

"Recently we entered into an agreement with our friends at Seamheads.com and they were able to fill in some of the gaps, so now the data is pretty much complete."


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Re: OOTP 18

I hope they cleaned up their historic minor league database. I was super excited about it last year but found several duplicated players when playing it which killed the experience. Don't expect perfection, especially with older years, but also don't expect there to be two CC Sabathia's.


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Re: OOTP 18


To try this out, we started a new game in 1932. In real life, the Negro East-West League folded without finishing its season and its players dispersed to other Negro Leagues, but in our alternate reality, the Homestead Grays led the league with a 36-22 record and defeated the Newark Browns in seven games in the championship. The Detroit Wolves finished in third place at 32-26.

As in real life, though, the East-West League vanished after 1933 and the Negro National League reappeared. We simmed forward to see what would happen. (Note that while some Negro Leagues played split seasons, with first half and second half winners, OOTP has them play complete seasons, with a championship series between the top two teams. Given the sometimes messy nature of Negro League schedules, OOTP has to do some simplifying so the game doesn’t break.)

OOTP 18 then continued to march through history. In 1937, the Negro American League opened for business. Meanwhile, Philadelphia clubs dominated the Negro National League between 1933 and 1936: The Stars won three of the four championships and the Bacharach Giants won the other one in 1934, their only year in existence.

We then continued through 1946 – after that season, Negro League players begin signing with MLB clubs. You can break the color barrier any time before 1946, if you want it to fall sooner, but once the 1947 season begins, OOTP 18 allows Negro League players to sign with American and National League teams. After the 1950 season, the Negro Leagues disappear entirely. While a Negro League World Series was held in real life between the Negro American and Negro National Leagues from 1942 to 1948, it doesn’t happen in OOTP 18.


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Re: OOTP 18

Just 9 days away from release, very excited especially the NLB aspect and the ability to start integration earlier than real life.


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Gold Beta is dropping later at Noon/Afternoon ET. Official release for non pre-orders is Friday, 3/24 and will likely feature a Day 1 patch with fixes for any bugs reported.


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Major Changes
- 2017 projected rosters for MLB, MiLB and several international and independent leagues
- Added Challenge Mode & online user profiles, achievements and leaderboards
- Added Tournaments (WBC, Olympics and custom tournaments)
- Added Arizona Fall League support
- Added ability to retain contracts in player trades
- Added support for team promotion & relegation between leagues
- Improved and upgraded 3D, including caps on player pawns and much better looking 3D ballparks
- 3D Movements for simulated games may now be stored and replayed (needs game recaps as well)
- Added 3D game higlight reels
- Added Negro Leagues to the historical minor league database

Smaller Changes
- 7-day lineups now support double-headers
- Can now name manager of the year award
- Game logs and WPA graphs are only generated as-needed (with an option to generate all that are missing)
- Broadcast ball animation now works if sounds are disabled
- Adjusted human running success rates
- Added the option to mass adjust financial figures in league setup by a factor X
- New playoff modes: Modified Double-Elimination, Round-Robin. Added ability to prevent tiebreakers in a league.
- More dynamic morale system
- Updated team chemistry system + added new team chemistry page
- New player list view: Personality+Morale
- Added the option to have associtation draft order sort by winning pct, by league level + winning pct or entirely random
- Adjusted pitcher fatigue replies
- Adjusted Owner Goals
- Adjusted outrageous contract demands
- Coaches / managers are now much more less likely to move to an unaffiliated league in a foreign country.
- Improved import speed for historical minor leagues
- Added support for import of individual historical minor leaguers
- More free agents will be willing to sign minor league contracts with major league options
- Online profile that will save played seasons and achievements
- Online league files now in ZIP format instead of tar/gz
- Smoother widgets during games
- More accurate triples and HR locations based on individual parks
- Added more fielder positioning options. Adjusted fielder positioning and AI.
- Added option to have the AI set up the initial fielder positions for you to adjust later. Added keyboard shortcuts to switch between shift options.
- Added support for displaying splits & double-splits stats in the team stats sections of the league stats screen
- Added support for the overall ratings to be on 20-80 scale in increments of 5
- Added support for importing and exporting retired numbers and their description
- Added uniform number history for players
- Improved roster and transaction AI
- Improved in-game AI
- Fictional player creation has been improved in a number of ways to be more realisic and resulting in a very stable league environment
- Improved player development & aging, resulting in more realistic careers

Bug fixes (excerpt)
- Awards now given out for final month of the season if it ends before the end of the month
- Players in minor league rehab no longer count against minor league roster limits
- Fixed time in the schedule editor to handle noon-times properly
- Fixed case where players in DFA would not show up in rule 5 eligible players
- Fixed case where left-handed throwing players would show position ratings on the infield
- Fixed vs LH/vs RH games started stats
- Adjusted arbitration estimates for multiple future years
- Adjusted player contracts AI
- Fixed Facegen player jersey "button tape" problem
- Fixed crash when viewing 3D with detailed PBP and a WP/PB happens
- Fixed case where players on rehab assignments might not be listed as available for the playoff roster
- Fixed crash when resuming a game by simulating which started as being played out
- Player stats import & export now supports splits


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BUMP! https://store5.esellerate.net/store/checkout/CustomLayout.aspx?_ga=2.37440864.1143151923.1499474659-1787348587.1494359059&s=STR1404362788&pc=&page=OnePageCatalog.htm

OOTP 18 is 50% off - Just $19.99 - through July 14th at 6:00 AM ET/3:00 AM PT. Stupid price for a fantastic game. Worth every $$.


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Been playing out historical leagues and manually importing Negro League players into MLB starting in 1904 with guys like Pete Hill, Grant "Home Run" Johnson, Rube Foster, Chappie Johnson, etc. I'm trying to aim to import a handful of NLB players every year in effect the high demand "stars" of that season preferably.

I've been using Seamheads as a reference for the year to import and using Baseball-Reference for the Player IDs.

So much easier than trying to sort through 500-800 Historical Minor Leaguers with the majority having wonky stats and such.

My 1904
Rube Foster: 126 AB with Pittsburgh. Hit .214/.237/.286 with 0 HR and 9 RBI.
Pete Hill (Drafted in 1903 prior to Manual Import): 302 AB with Detroit. Hit .288/.334/.374 with 2 HR and 36 RBI.
Chappie Johnson: 3 games with Boston Braves garnering 0 AB.
Grant Johnson: 78 AB with New York. Hit .103/.125/.103 with 0 HR and 9 RBI.