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Sucker for the TV Specials. Just saw that PBS is airing A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving tomorrow at 7:30 PM ET for anybody interested in recording it/saving it for Thanksgiving. Curious if they end up doing something similar for the Christmas special.

I enjoy a lot of the other stuff including the river raft racing one and the Peanuts Movie was surprisingly enjoyable for what it was.

Book wise, the 'collections' are must-haves for any fans. I also love the random Artwork books that come out too.

Baby Shoes

Baby Shoes
I had seen that PBS has Thanksgiving on tomorrow. That surprised me because I know people were pretty upset the Great Pumpkin wasn’t on Halloween season this year due to the Peanuts deal with Apple streaming.

The Thanksgiving special stuck with me more as a kid than the more famous Halloween or Christmas ones for some reason. Maybe because there were so many things for those other holidays and less for Thanksgiving. I bought the Holiday Blu-ray set some years ago but every year I set them near my TV when the holiday stretch starts and most years I end up not getting to them.

Maybe I’ll try to do the Thanksgiving one in the next week.