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A while back, as per the trend nowadays, a lot of my friends were buying record players and getting into vinyl. I had already been thinking about how digital music is great but I still miss having physical copies of music. I seriously missed having to pick out an album to listen to and listen to it in it's entirety and not have the experience diluted by "playlist" options or the option to have other "related" music queued into the mix. Those options can be great - but sometimes I find digital services like Spotify to just be too much choice and it hampers the experience in some ways (not all).

So, I was about to jump on the bandwagon until I saw how much new vinyl costs, and it was a hell naw from me. It was at that point that I realized I still had good number of CDs in storage (mainly grunge/alt + industrial) and decided to unpack it, buy a quality player and start collecting new/used CDs again. Since then I've been trying to re-purchase a lot of CDs I've lost over the years, or for whatever reason parted with via used shops.. I'm up to about 175 right now.

Most recently, I spent a lot of time tracking down affordable CD copies of both Sick 'Em and Viva Zapata by 7 Year Bitch. They'd routinely go for well over $100 on eBay but I managed to find a copy of each album ($30USD each) from a third party seller on so I was pretty excited for that.


Do any of you folks regularly buy CDs or Vinyl? We can also consider this thread the new "recent purchases" thread if you want to post that sort of thing as well.

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Baby Shoes
Really racking my brain to think of the last physical disc I bought. Even the final few were ones where it was the same price to get the physical with a digital download and I have the physical sealed still.


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I've been collecting music since I was a teenager with some periods of inactivity due to being broke and whatnot. My purchases really slowed down in the past ten years after inheriting the family music collection that added about 200 CDs, several crates of LPs, and something like 4000 45s at once. I started buying vinyl again a few years ago, but I'm more picky since new records are too fucking expensive now. I find it laughable that there are reissues that cost as much (if not more) than an original press on Discogs.

Latest vinyl acquisitions: B Team's First Product EP, Filth/Submachine split EP, H-100s' Distort Cleveland EP, Rebels & Infidels' Corporate Picnic LP, and Run DMC's Raising Hell.

No more CDs; I don't have room for them. Inheriting the family collection filled up what space was left on the biggest shelf I could find and I don't want to buy another one. I might start unloading some of the heavyweights when the vinyl bandwagon's wheels fall off and CDs come back in a few years.

I'm slowly unpacking storage boxes and I hope I find the one that has my cassette collection; there are some serious metal and rap gems in there. I have soundboard recordings and demos too.